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  1. I am beyond frustrated right now. I shouldn't get deranked or hurt in my rank for losing a game, when I had a person leave, and I still managed to get 20 kills and go positive.
  2. Oh wow thats cool. I've been suggesting format's for Hearthstone for some time now.
  3. Dang missed the sign up. My ASTRO's literally just broke yesterday, and ASTRO doesn't ship to oversea's bases.
  4. How much has it changed? Haven't played in months.
  5. Epic shots. I wasn't able to tune into the stream unfortunately. Seems like he has a fun stream though.
  6. Get some Kontrol Freek's. They actually helped improve my aim. Might not do the same for you, but it helped me.
  7. Wish I would have known that. I am going home March 16th and would have planned around that to try and go.
  8. Maybe you could answer a question or two in between matches. People could use a hashtag and have the desk answer a few.
  9. I'm still pushing for classic games from the H2 and H3 days. Or maybe people could submit clips and they could do a Rooster Teeth thing where they have fails and stuff.
  10. I'm happy for @@Commonly also. He did great this weekend. I agree with @@Dreamer also, playing with people who we grew up watching and idolizing. Must have been crazy. P.S. - Did I make a funny? https://twitter.com/Mestyyy/status/693748092831567873
  11. I had a guy message me on Reddit asking if I wanted to play in this LAN (I think) so we could beat on these teams lol.
  12. I have had shit games all day. NOTHING but lag. How can these servers be so bad? Why isn't there some sort of ping or bar system to see what our connection is?
  13. Nailed it on the head. I think the thing that annoyed me the most was the video's in between matches. Same thing's over and over again. I feel like they could use montage's or maybe a map from a previous event for non stop Halo action.
  14. Sometimes I hate this game. I just got matched with a team in Arena and got beat 100-7 in Stronghold's. Like why...
  15. Going to pretend I didn't see that, and still think LxthuL was a savage and was in the Twitch chat in a Gold medal game.
  16. @LethuL https://twitter.com/MarcSx9/status/693612153232855040

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