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  1. I know there is a music thread, but I felt there should be a specific thread for people to share their own creations and give feedback and tips. Share your Soundcloud, YouTube, FaceBook, or whatever site you use to upload your tunes to teh webz. All types of music are welcome! I recently began experimenting with all types of electronic music including electro house, moombahton, and drum and bass in Apple Logic Pro 9. I hope to start collaborating with some of my friends who rap soon to get familiar with recording and mixing vocals. Please keep in mind, I am a beginner so don't rip on me too hard. :P Here is my most recent song, a Drum and Bass tune called "Impulse." Let me know what you think! Follow me if you want, I'll follow back! https://soundcloud.com/triiken/triken-impulse-original-mix
  2. Yeah maannnnnnnnn :] https://soundcloud.com/triiken
  3. Just recently started experimenting all types of electronic music in Logic. Right now I'm working on a drum and bass track that's actually sounding pretty good despite being a beginner
  4. May your generous moisture forever protect and soothe crusty lips everywhere
  5. What's up guys I'm Trevor. Haven't forum'd in quite some time, but I used to frequent the MLG graphics forums a few years ago. I like making music and long walks on the beach ;] I have high hopes for this new community so don't *** let me down.
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