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  1. Some of the internet speeds in here make me sad :/ I get 100 down, 10 up and 99% the connection is fine although I can still determine host when I see it. Especially when I'm dropping perfect 4's on kids and he gets his but I don't get mine -_- So I still see some minor issues with decent internet, but not nearly as bad as OP describes.
  2. If anyone is legitimately interested in getting a lan together in the Tampa area, message me on XBL. My GT is Ko8eNades. If there is no one else that has ideas for a better location, I might be willing to host it at my house providing 1) My girlfriend okays it 2) We have enough people to at least run 4's. 3) No one is weird. I'd like to get something going probably in December after classes end but definitely before Christmas. If you'd be interested in attending or want to plan to put something together with me, hit me up.
  3. GT - Ko8eNades Customs Tampa Can't remember if I posted in here or not already. Too lazy to check. But add me if you want to play customs. I'll be on several hours a day and with MM sucking the dick, I'll be down to play customs.
  4. I'm pretty sure I just saw SK streaming MCC the other day. I'm pretty sure on MLG.tv.
  5. What's up guys? I'm a free agent for MCC. 100% interested in participating in HCS and attending events. I will be devoting a good majority of my time every single day to play. It would be nice to have a group from day one that is going to be willing to devote all their time to getting the chemistry down so we can compete at a high level. I've been casually playing H3 getting ready for MCC and now with the announcement of HCS I can't wait to grind this game even more. My GT is Ko8eNades. Add me or hit me up on here if you're interested or want to run games.
  6. Where you located at? Not that it matters, but I'd be down to run games with you and if you're close that would be even better to get lans going. I'm in Tampa.
  7. Hey man, I'm over here in Tampa so let me know if you ever get anything going over here or in Orlando.
  8. Dang dude, that's rough. I would think it would be like a late Friday through late Sunday kind of thing personally.
  9. Need people to run with. Ko8eNades is my GT, I'm playing on the One.
  10. How does the Twitch app work on the One now? I remember trying to use it a few months back and it was horribly slow. I'll be streaming as well though with other equipment. Ko8eNades (GT and Twitch handle) - EST
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