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  1. Started playing Tales from the borderlands and Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection on the side.
  2. I keep getting stuck at the "Thank you for participating in this beta" message menu where it says to press A to continue. I spam A but it never goes to the next screen. I have reset console a few times and re downloaded beta but it won't get to the main menu.......HALP
  3. Are 343 going to have another tournament at Gamescom this year for Halo 5?
  4. Well looks like I've been selected for the beta for the update for Halo, lol. Let's see how this goes? Not gonna get my hopes up though, Been hurt too much these last few months.
  5. The only 50 that I've run into yet was god awful at H2A, like seriously Idk how that kid got a 50. It seems like every time I get up to 15 the very next game resets my rank. Also pretty much all the lvl 40-47s I've run into were also trash at H2A so I really don't know how people are getting that high of a rank and then quitting the match when they are put up against me and my friends?
  6. Woah, Woah, Woah don't be including Max Hoberman in the 343 trash section of the company. He's probably the only one involved in MCC that hasn't fucked the game up and has been a true Halo creator since the beginning.
  7. Please don't even joke about that. I think I would seriously cry for days if that ever happened.
  8. This game is god awful when you're trying to play alone without friends. Played about 4 games alone just now and there are so many garbage smg/needle kids searching in ranked and somehow they are ALWAYS on my team. Seriously how do people with ranks above 26 only get 4 kills during a match???? This is super annoying having to carry these kinds of people. Me having 16-21 kills each game should be more than enough if only teammates knew about teamwork and aiming. Think I'll just get in the beetle position and cry till this shit gets fixed
  9. I'm still going to believe that 343 has some other DLC maps planned for release sometime after we see Relic and ODST put into MCC. I too do not understand why they chose a BTB map when we only have 5 maps to play in the ONLY ranked playlist currently and only 3 maps for competitive. It sounds ridiculous right now for them not to add more 4v4 based maps. Especially since Relic will most likely only be featured in BTB, same as coagulation, and we won't even get to play on it most of the time due to the many many other BTB maps in the playlist. 343 needs to get their act together and release Ivory tower, Beaver Creek, Turf, and Desolation (without the stupid gravity canons, BRING BACK Teleporters plz).
  10. They only Announced one map but I'm sure more are on the way :P
  11. There hasn't been a new patch yet. Sometime next week they say....Fix more party issues they say....New achievements Thursday that they think we need they say.....
  12. As long as the Ranks actually work after the update this would be very very good for the game. As it stands right now I find it pretty hard to be motivated to play social playlists and even though I keep getting reset in ranked, I still have wayyy more fun attempting to get to lvl 20 before being reset lol.
  13. AWESOME!!! 2 months later and ranks are still being reset!!! So much fun this game is.....
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