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  1. Been a while. Sup. Let's not forget that GreenSkull is a huge 343 advocate and has been since 2012. I support everything that Present and Future Halo professionals are saying on the matter, but I do not support the one who made the video.
  2. I don't see why I can't compare it to larger eSports in general. If not, we're already dropping the pedestal lower then it needs to be for the game. Imagine some of the stories you could bring from NA teams travelling to an EU event. It should be about growth not sustainability. You know how many AM teams I talked to at DH Atlanta wanting to go to London? Why not just keep all Pro Seeds locked from the event and keep it semi-open? There are what, 6 Pro EU Teams at the moment? I understand that they're worried about their own money, but they literally just got flown out on HCS's dime to receive free money. It could of been more if they had performed better. It's a decision that needs to be talked about. We let enough of HCS's decision making go under the bridge. Nothing wrong with people speaking their minds on the questionable decisions that are being stated.
  3. Learning from your mistakes? I don't see how saying "We're worried that NA teams will take EU prize money" is a way of learning from your mistakes at all. EU Pro Players are constantly saying that they are the weaker region because "They don't get to play against NA Pro Teams enough." Well guess what, this was your chance HCS, now it's gone because EU Pros are scared of losing some money. Babying the EU region by keeping NA out of it when EVERY OTHER eSport allows EVERY continent to compete in their major tournaments is just another step back in the overall process.
  4. So let me get this straight: HCS decides to not allow NA teams to come to EU to participate in their event due to EU players worrying about Prize Money distribution. HCS just allowed 4 EU teams to not only come to an NA event for free, but give them Champ Bracket spots and basically free money for barely placing in the Top 12. (1-18) If that is not one of the most backwards/hypocritical explanations I've seen in some time, I honestly don't know what is. I guess I shouldn't be surprised? Side Note: Love EU, the players and the community. That is just an asinine reasoning behind it considering you gave them enough freedom during an NA tournament.
  5. Oh, forgot to mention I also competed in Melee as well. Let me give you a rundown on how their tournaments are structured. Melee pools for Singles and Doubles are split between 1-6 TOs. This 1 TO controls anywhere from 100-150 INDIVIDUAL players at once and they switch off and on to conserve energy and time. He/She stands around the 4 CRTs per the allotted Station and SCREAMS your name for your bracket match. No mic, no fancy equipment just a loud voice. You have 5 minutes to get to your station or you are DQd, no bs no excuses. I barely got to my Round 1 match because I was lost at first seeing as Melee was on the other side of the venue. You check their website (smash.gg) to see what time your pool starts. (This IMO is an incredible tool to give you information BEFORE HAND so you're not confused or haggling other TOs) They usually finish in 2 hour time frames so 10am,12pm, 2pm and 4pm pools. My pool was scheduled for 4PM. You sit, play your match, report to the TO and that's it. Each TO has their own Laptop to record the matches, and it flows perfectly. You know that the big draw about how easily Melee tournaments are run? Their TOs (the ones controlling the matches, not Proverb/Jokr etc.) ARE RAN BY PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND THE GAME THEY ARE RUNNING. They know exactly how tournaments are ran, what needs to be done and can answer every single question imaginable for you. I had to ask one during WBR3 I think if we were Red or Blue based on seeds, and they had no info available for that. The last three Halo tournaments I have competed in I've had TOs who had 0 idea on what was going on not just in game, but how a Halo tournament actually runs. Period. Why is this acceptable? Why are we begging for volunteers to be TOs and not getting people who understand the ins and out of the game? Is 343 afraid to shell out more $ for this to happen? I don't know, but it's unacceptable. One of the reasons I posted this is because above I noticed that Stats weren't recorded and I find that absolutely incredibly lazy. It takes 2 seconds to take a picture on a camera phone OR do it the smart way and take a minute to record everything on paper or on a computer individually. What was the actually reasoning with this? Halo competitors and spectators came out in full force for this tournament, eventually we'll start seeing the same from the developers/organizers right? .....Right?
  6. 18 hour sleep after this event, I was beyond slumped. From The P5 LAN, to casting for the first time until 3AM and all of Dreamhack combined; it was an exhausting but incredible experience altogether. From a competitor's POV all weekend, I saw more work from Proverb, Jokr, his brother and the rest of the TOs who were there to start matches then ANY other people in Halo's section. They were all doing an amazing job keeping people as updated as possible with all the delays going on throughout the Amateur bracket. I saw Tashi and Quinn speaking to a few people, but nothing that struck me as technically "working." I could be mistaken and there could of been more to see behind the scenes of the Pro Lounge and such. The feedback for Dreamhack Denver will be immense from my part and I might make a long post for here, but my brain is still trying to play catch-up. Amateurs should NEVER be waiting 7...SEVEN hours for updates on tournament structure in any way, shape or form. From hearing my Round 2 FFA was going to start at 2pm, to finding out it was at 6pm was just one of the many issues Amateurs had from the entire weekend. Even though there were a ton of hiccups along the way, Dreamhack Atlanta was an incredible success in my opinion. From 80+ Open Teams, to one of the best Main Stage Sundays in years, Halo came out in full force and I hope they can improve on the issues within the next three months.
  7. Twitter rant on the released schedule info for Dreamhack Atlanta. 6-7 more tweets after the initial one.
  8. IMO: Shot registration is at an all-time low Servers are absolutely unstable. (If someone from a different country is in your game, GG) I swear the hitbox for a headshot was moved or lessened in some way Heavy Aim is returning (just like it happened in the last update)
  9. Brilliant find. Watch it be deleted by the end of the night.
  10. If you don't enjoy the game you're playing, and the company barely gives a shit about the overall quality of said game. Why should he help?
  11. Nowadays? Streaming high quality matchmaking games while talking about H5 being "not that bad."
  12. If H3A does happen, and some of you were a little iffy on Halo 5. DO NOT FEAR. We still have this gem to take with us.
  13. I honestly can't believe that 4 EU teams are going to be sent straight to Champ Bracket without any jurisdiction other than "Top 4 EU." This leaves 6 spots open for Amateur teams to make it into Champ Bracket BUT 2 of those spots could be occupied by the 7-8th seeded Pro Teams forced to fight through. If these two "Pro" teams make it through to Champ Bracket, this leaves 4 spots for Amateur Teams to gain access into it as well. I have nothing against the EU players, great guys, but in no way shape or form do they deserve a Champ Bracket spot right off the bat. EU has shown tremendous weaknesses versus NA Professional Teams and in my opinion they should be put into Open Bracket, just like the old days. You didn't have a seed for an NA Tournament, you played through the Open Bracket. End of story. I'm going to guess this is an attempt to hopefully gain more viewers overseas, yet their teams are going to get 3-0d faster than Batchford's roster life. The point of Open Events is for Amateurs to build a team to fight hard through the initial bracket and hopefully make it through to play the professionals and gain notoriety. Taking away 25% of that chance is legitimately a terrible business decision for an OPEN EVENT. Not only that, you LIMIT the amount of teams that can compete at 64?? This is no way states that there might be more teams than that, but you're partnering with one of the biggest tournament organizers in eSports history. Why would you limit yourself and others that maybe want to compete for fun?! Absolutely incredible.
  14. Competitive H5 starting to feel like a chore at this point. You can jump into any pro stream nowadays and just listen to a combination of annoyance and boredom.
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