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  1. Is there some unwritten rule where if you stream halo, specifically halo 5, you have to put the word “grind” in the title of your stream. It’s so fkn weird.
  2. So are there any reasons to be excited/hopeful about Halo 6 at this point? I've been out of the loop.
  3. This post reads like a list of names my 14 year old self tried to come up with to sound intimidating on Halo 3
  4. Anyone getting this when it comes out on Xbox one?
  5. Why do developers of arena shooters feel the need to name their games like they are a 12 year old CoD MLG pro quickscoper. Nexuiz, Xonotic, Reflex, or my favorite, Toxikk. Who thinks of that shit? I guess Reflex is okay but the other 3... lmao
  6. That fucking clip of the 343 employee... holy fucking shit. This is what happens when you hire people from fucking Lucas Arts to work on Halo.
  7. I've said this before and I'll say it again... if halo wants to be relevant again they need to get rid of the 3 year process. They need to make one halo multiplayer game and just keep it. Obviously they would fuck it up because it's 343 but that is what all of the relevant games do nowadays other than CoD.
  8. http://m.neogaf.com/showpost.php?p=236915970
  9. Idk what that video had to do with H3A, and I'm the biggest "want to believe" person there is. It was literally just a picture of Chief.
  10. And you'll also get to see a Halo game in the top 3 all years
  11. Diamond 3 = 50 was the stupidest thing I ever read.
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