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  1. I competed in Halo 2 FFAs back in 2005 through 2007, My best placing was 2nd And top 5 most of the others. I really would like to be on a decent team. I would say i am a support player/Main Slayer but i can run objective. Message me on xbox my GT: llRocky That is L L Rocky.
  2. tri cities guy here, hmu xbl gt: Roethilsberger
  3. Hey my friend and i are trying to get a team together for MCC, we are planning on traveling to events that are reasonable distance. I have competed in Halo 2 back in 2005 - 2007, my best placing was 2nd but anyway. I dont have a 360 anymore but would possibly want to do some scrims on h2 vista with skype for communicating. My GT: Roethilsberger let me know something.
  4. I competed in FFAs in H2 back in 2005 - 2007 i am currently looking for a team, i dont have a 360 anymore because of the xbox one but i play halo 2 vista for practice. Hit me up my xbl gt is Roethilsberger
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for a team to play halo 2 Vista with and possibly team with for future only tourney. Let me know .
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