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  1. I've spent more then 200 bucks, so don't feel bad. People play for themselves most of the time. Even if there happens to be a medic on your team, they usally walk right by you. Sparks is a good merc, I end up trying to be a sniper when I use her though. I wanna try out that new merc phoenix. People say he is the best medic now.
  2. I'm in love with this game right now.
  3. I played it for awhile, haven't played it after the month i installed it. It wasn't a bad game, I would be down to play it again. My steam id is eXTeaR if you want to invite me for some games.
  4. Does anyone want to team up for h1z1 br's, I'm tired of being killed by groups. I could handle groups of two, but recently i've been running into groups of 3+ people and it's too hard to kill all three of them by yourself.
  5. This may upset some people, but I hope its not a 100% coagulation remake. I'm kinda tired of playing that map.
  6. I'm going to X games, so I'm pretty pumped. I wish it was a halo title though .
  7. I hope some more people start realizing this. Maybe one day we won't be in the minority on the topic. I can't enjoy fps's anymore.
  8. As long as I can get a match in a decent amount of time, i don't care about the population numbers. Just being able to play halo 2 online again would be amazing. and yes i know about halo 2 vista and xbc. It's not the same.
  9. - I'm a cs go noob - I only played one game since the update and I liked the scopes. What about the scopes do you think nerfs the guns?
  10. I wasn't even thinking about getting a xbone, but with this news I'll buy two. One for my setup, and one for my bathroom. IT BETTER HAVE THE HALO 2 MULTIPLAYER!
  11. I just got a R9 270, hopefully it runs the game smooth on a least high settings. I need a new cpu though, I'm not getting all the fps I could get out of it.
  12. Being the son of the boss gives you a jet pack.
  13. I noticed this sign that has a arrow pointing to a word that looks like it says change. Could be a good thing or more of the same.
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