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  1. smart scope the delay when scoping in is 2 long how to fix it - make the scope in delay/animation shorter/instant. flinch becomes 2 difficult to control when being shot by more than 1 person how to fix - remove flinch footsteps there 2 load how to fix - make them quieter thruster thrust distance is 2 long. which helps people get away from you how to fix - make the distance of thrust a little shorter ground pound its actually fun to use and is useful when being chased and when you have higher ground sprint the beta maps dont need sprint it shouldn't be in the game how to fix - take sprint out of game spartan charge it's useless there's no point in using it how to fix - remove it clamber i like clamber
  2. can someone tell me how to turn off vibration please and god the flinch is annoying
  3. my main problem with sprint isn't running away (even tho its a bit annoying). my main problem is that you cant start shooting until the animation finishes. eg 2 players around a corner they both see each other at the same time and want to shoot each other they should both be on an even playing field however they're not. the player that has his sprint animation end first will get an advantage in shooting first and it's really annoying it makes me so mad SO MAD
  4. http://i.gyazo.com/c8266004805e6f1e75f9eb065ca796de.mp4 i already hate it
  5. ok fair enough it takes skill and practice to master but most people will be using them online anyway for online tournaments and qualifiers and matchmaking so i dont see much point in banning them. the best players will win at lan regardless, johnysnpier52#snipingftw wont magically be as good as ogre 2 because he has a controller with the buttons moved to a better and more comfortable spot at the back of it
  6. you'll need to learn to claw regardless for h2 if your not getting a scuff or if there banned so people are going to have to go " you know what, i think im gonna start learning to claw today"
  7. dont scuffs just allow you to press abxy without taking you thumb off the right stick like claw does. if that is the case then i see no problem with them being allowed as people that cant afford them can just learn to claw and everyone's going to use them online anyway.
  8. well i missed half the tournament last night due to my shity internet anyone got a link for vod ?
  9. lockout sucks (for all game types) and i wish they patched the button glitches back in h2 (even tho i still learned how to do all of them )
  10. sounds good for lan but it might cause issues for online tournaments as a lot of people might not have a high enough bandwidth to stream (correct me if im missing somthing hear plz)
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