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  1. Love the core gameplay in this game. My Halo-minded self wants 4v4 CTF though with abilities on pickup respawn, no radar, 4v4 maps
  2. No maps announced and I wouldn't expect any to be honest. With the game running how it is post-update, forge should run fine on all consoles due to the resolution lock on the Xbox One. We need some new forge maps catered for strongholds & Oddball instead of the disc maps. Just my opinion, Strongholds has gotten pretty stale. Bring back Killa KC
  3. How I read the situation, Ninja can't be too mad :uncledrew:
  4. I played both on the same monitor so could be a case of my old 360 being hot garbage and playing below par.
  5. Performance seems better on Xbox One for me. Played on 360 for around 4 hours, AA looks more jagged compared to Xbox One. Xbox one seems more stable when it's chaotic (e.g nade fest at Rockets on Pit)
  6. Do you mean in-game or just on the store? If you mean the store you can download from here aswell https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Search?query=halo&DownloadType=GameAddon
  7. I'd pay good money to see the old MLG teams reform for a one-off tournament online or offline. DL'ing right now
  8. Would rather drag my balls through broken glass for 40 miles than watch another ESL produced "LAN" at this stage tbh
  9. I just put it on an hour ago, no regrets. Couple peeps are paying attention and asking a couple of questions about the game like "how hard does the sniper kill" hahaha. I'm explaining everything and teaching peeps about the AM players personalities. Right now they're buzzing about the pro teams so I reckon I'll be posting them the link tomorrow hopefully
  10. Is the HCS stream yay or nay? I've got friends here interested. I've already explained Lethul is the GOAT so let me know. PS: Lets go @@Batchford
  11. Downvoted for having an opinion Tell me what's so hard to watch with Gears? Are you telling me you still find the same fun watching Coli CTF at high level 2 years in with minimal weapon changes? Halo is super easy to watch but so is Gears. Gears has a new meta every round with each team picking the weapons and blocking certain power spots, it doesn't get stale if you actually know what's happening, to each to his own.
  12. Thanks for re-uploading this. Rewatching this got me super hyped for H3 BC then watching the MCC scenes in hindsight just got me depressed
  13. HCS to follow the Pro Point system that feeds into worldwide LAN events? That's pretty much the GoW model. If not then I don't see how else TC would be helping 343/ESL other than teaching them how to use resources better than small-tier events and online PL. MLG is also a huge factor. Chances are this is all due to be announced and she let it slip early or I'm reading way to much into it.
  14. Has anyone at 343/ESL ever said that Str8 skins are coming soon™?
  15. Think it's a nice touch to be honest, something personal for whoever organised it. No need to shit on everything 343i do, I mean what did you expect? Edit: Just read it, maybe the wording could've been different though. Tournaments & Open was a million miles away from World class.
  16. Drop Halo 5 on Games for Gold, there's the fix for this ranked/social merger bullshit.
  17. I have all the HCS skins already, just wanted Sticker Splatter for the BR and Pistol
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