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  1. Hardest pool? Anyone else think D looks harder? EDIT: Yes I know.. the D is the hardest... oh god.
  2. Logging in and posting for free rep that supposedly is being handed out?? We back???
  3. Agreed. I think he could make a team like Optic. He's great at building content. Great salesman. I mean he got his face on every can of Dr Pepper.
  4. I know there's a lot of hate on T2 in these forums, but you gotta give it to the man, he was great for Halo 2-3 and the eSports community. Wouldn't mind to see him return in Halo 5 whether hes competing or commentating.
  5. So is the prize pool really going to be increased again? I figured they would leave at where it is now. I always thought anything they have made since they last announced the increase to $2 million was going to be put in next years Prize Pool. What are the chances that microsoft throws in another $1 million for next season? And you've gotta assume that the money they make from Req packs gets smaller and smaller the longer the games been out just due to a natural attrition rate of casual Halo players going to different games. So the money they have been making since January or so with Req packs I thought would go towards next years prize pool. Just my thoughts, I'd love to be proved wrong. If we could hit $2.5 million that'd be SICK! Imagine what @@LethuL could do with all that money. He could literally buy Ace and make him his butler. I just wan to see whomever wins it all get a check for $1 million dollars which means the pool needs to be exactly $2.5 million since first place receives 40%. How great of a picture would that be? Reminds me of the old days with Final Boss holding up the $100k check in Vegas. (but 10x better)
  6. Oh wow... no wonder.. That's a tiny amount. I figured the crowd would be much larger than 200. Was thinking 500.
  7. Agree with @@GoldenboyFTW I think at the very LEAST they should be BO5. And then for semis and finals they should be BO7. BTW, @@GoldenboyFTW what happened to whole loser bracket concept? I kind of liked watching teams fight their way through the loser bracket, and then go to the finals. What happened??
  8. Does anyone know how many tickets they sold for this event? Like how the hell did it sell out in a few days? I was thinking of going to world finals (depending on where the location is) and now I'm paranoid I need to buy a ticket as soon as they go on sale.
  9. Some kid in this thread named @@Shekkles posted that there are PRE GAME LOBBIES?! WHAT?!? WHERE?!!? A pre game lobby is a lobby where you can look at the other teams stats, talk to them, etc. Here you go: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/mOgyhRodImQ/maxresdefault.jpg Halo 5 most definitely DOES NOT have a pre game lobby. You can view the map and that's about it, oh I guess you can see the icons of the team youre about to play... that's about it. Calling that a pre game lobby is the same thing as calling dog shit food. Don't be an asshole @shiggles that says "WELL TECHNIKALLY IT HAZ A PRE GAME LOBBY CUZ YOU KNOW CUZ YOU SEE THE MAP PICTURE B4 THE GAME STHARTS!!! DURRR" you gotta be kidding me. You seem like you just wanted to debate OP for really no good reason. You had a few good points about file share, but that was it.
  10. this made me lol. TB is like the wild wild west for Halo forums.. I mean look at this place.. seriously. Have to dig through 500 pages of posts every time i come here, its probably the most unorganized halo forum ive ever been to but for some reason i keep coming back, but the fact that you have some sort of ethics of not discussing why a random was banned makes me lol. But posting all the team drama, text messages, twitter fights, etc is okay lol
  11. THank you. After watching the X-Games I kind of want to go check it out, havent been to one since MLG 2006 Chicago. Hopefully they bring it back to Chicago. THat'd be sick.
  12. Does anyone know where HCS World Championships will be in March??
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