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  1. lvl 29 titan. invite if doing it on hard GT debo562
  2. yea i think thats just how the ios version is, hopefully it gets updated with the 10,9,8... countdown
  3. my local game store, hope that they'll release it early so i wont have to wait till midnight
  4. would make my day if i can get a code
  5. ok thank you. i'm gonna have to wait till MCC to play h2 online, i'm afraid of buying a code and not getting it to work right :/
  6. i used the alternative installation with the keygen. worked the first time but that was it, now it keeps asking me for a another key
  7. worked for me then when i logged off and back on it keeps saying that i "exceeded the usage allowed by your product key" when i enter a new one it still doesnt wanna work
  8. no i dont have the two step verification enabled. the entire message is"the profile could not be signed in to Live. There may be a network problem or the windows live ID service may not be available"
  9. when i go on the game to sign in it says "the profile could not be signed in to Live"
  10. I get a connection error when I try to open up games for windows live, anyone else having this problem? I have windows 7
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