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  1. Swell is an idiot, so it's good they kept him away from the public eye.
  2. Like, not a whole lot more haha. Also, played one more game with 2 other friends, they both got pro. Sigh
  3. Why can I play all 10 placements with a friend, and he gets placed in Pro while I'm placed in Silver? The discrepancy is KDA is next to nothing, so what is it?
  4. Thruster Pack: This might be a stretch but I believe it's currently the worst mechanic in the game. It promotes bad play because it provides players with a get out of jail free card for every fight they get involved in. Obviously there is a skillcap involved in using it correctly, but with a 4-5 second cooldown, it provides yet another escape mechanic from any fight. As long as sprint is in this game, then thruster pack needs to go, or in vice versa. Assault Rifle: Plain and simple, it's too strong. I've heard mention of leaving it as-is and buffing everything else, that's a bad idea. Killtimes are already great for all the other weapons, but the assault rifle is simply too strong.
  5. I really shouldn't be the Gold I dropping +11, while my three semi-pro teammates go -29 cumulatively. Looks like the system is working pretty well to me.
  6. Like honestly, does that look like a population number? :wacko:
  7. I'm going to be real. I've played 22 games today, won 18 of them, in which many were steaks. I have not had a single player on either team quit out today. Maybe crazy good luck, but seriously, not a single player quit.
  8. I only speak the truth, rules are rules after all. https://twitter.com/Twitch/status/542427887563849729
  9. EG should disqualified. Evil Geniuses was bought by Twitch, HCS rules state players cant be employed by 343, Twitch or ESL. I feel like this is a complete injustice on the other teams that are abiding by all league rules for this tournament, while EG seems to be getting a free pass just because they're a good team.
  10. Man that whole thing is ridiculous, glad the right people advanced in the end.
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