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  1. hit me up. ready to run and have plenty of LAN and an event exp. GT: Deiinquent
  2. hit me up. plenty of lan experience since h2 days, been to an event. GT: Deiinquent. Live in PA
  3. definitely interested in this and willing to talk/play and prove myself GT: Deiinquent kristopherbryan.com
  4. Kris Age: 21 Penn State (Pennsylvania) Been around since H2 days and played competitively in H3, have event exp Hit me up. GT: Deiinquent
  5. add me, I have event exp. GT: Deiinquent
  6. yo im interested in running games, let me know. GT: Deiinquent
  7. Been around since Halo 2 days, been to 1 event MLG Raleigh for H3 and can def hold my own. Consider myself a slayer/support that can basically do it all. Shaking off the rust, let me know. GT = Deiinquent
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