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  1. No just sarcasm lol but they give you a medal for a lot of things, even just kills. the kill medal is called "generic kill" then an assist medal and a revenge medal and an avenge medal, basically medals for what your already supposed to do, for noob players i guess who want to feel good about an assist :/
  2. I really hope they change the medals to have their own colors. they're really boring looking just green and blue. Also it would be cool if you wouldn't get a medal for crouching and shooting...
  3. Anyone else besides me think that the Halo 5: Guardians Beta Rocket Launcher looks kind of weird/ dumb? It looks like it might have lock-on the way its designed but I really dislike the way it looks. The BR also looks like it has a red dot sight. I dont like the way their designing the weapons at this point but it is the Beta so I guess thats something we'll have to tell them.
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