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  1. Coliseum seriously has to be a forge map right? It looks like any of the generic garbage we got playing Reach's forge maps. And it is even more of a disgrace how they are including the breakout forge maps and coliseum and the warzone remixes in the 20+ map count that they have been advertising all along.
  2. Is it just me or is Coliseum just a forge map?
  3. Ugh I wish I had an invite for the preview program. Have fun guys!
  4. I just got 9 people in the lobby and it actually waited for a 10th. Woooooo
  5. Is the general opinion of Halo 3 better than it was on these forums then before MCC? I have always loved it, but I know some guys here adamantly hated it, so I was just wondering if your guys opinion changed with the better shot registration?
  6. Almost had to play a game of H4 swat before it booted me out. Thank you based 343.
  7. Anyone remember a time where you would spend more time playing the game rather than searching for a game?
  8. If I remember correctly, the version you see of CE isn't the final version. They have said they will optimizing the netcode for when they release the 2v2 playlist. But it is 343 so who knows.
  9. Halo 4 engine wasn't bad... The maps and gimmicks were.
  10. Yeah there is definitely a difference. If you load up your 360 right now and compare it side by side, this will feel infinitely better.
  11. You're kidding right...? Halo 3 is easily the most improved game from the original on the MCC. Original Halo 3 had terrible hit reg but I can actually shoot people on this. Edit: Halo 2 is good too but it isn't really improved. It just feels the same as on the Xbox.
  12. More believable than half the stuff that has actually happened.
  13. I love whenever I get an H1 4v4. So much fun and so chaotic. Of course I don't really understand the meta but I have enough gunskill to go 20-7 against noobs.
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