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  1. I'll have to pick it up for Xbox One. I'm sure I'll find it pretty easily for cheap.
  2. My brother was saying Tomb Raider was pretty amazing, I might have to check that out.
  3. Yeah I really don't like that about downloaded titles. I'll be sticking with buying disks.
  4. I think they're really cool ideas, but I don't think they'll be impacting gameplay much. The waterfall on Sanctuary will just be annoying, the ice on Lockout will be pretty easy to avoid or just shoot down ahead of time, and the Ascension shield has somewhat limited uses. I'm pretty indifferent towards it, but it's a neat idea I suppose.
  5. It looks like it plays really well. I was a bit concerned about the increased size/cover of elbow, but I think it will actually work out pretty well. The dynamic events for the new lockout seem pretty easy to avoid. I don't think it will make a big difference to the map mechanics at all.
  6. This is going to be awesome. I'll have to catch a rebroadcast or hope to find it on youtube later though.
  7. Same here. Transferring my demon hunter gave me a good amount of starting gold. I've just been running through the story with my Crusader now. Really fun. Looking forward to finally getting to see Act V.
  8. Getting the disk. Hopefully the gamestop here will do some kind of tournament. Either way the environment is always a lot of fun, and there's not beating opening the case and putting the disk in for the first time.
  9. It would be awesome if it was Colossus, but I'm thinking it will be Waterworks. Either way I'll be happy.
  10. I used to have a few of the first books several years ago which I read. I haven't really watched any anime or read manga in a while, but I want to check some out again.
  11. I miss Colossus. That was always a fun map. If it's going to be a large map then I'll say Headlong or Waterworks. I'm having so many flashbacks right now it's insane.
  12. XBC feels more organic and nostalgic. PC looks pretty and has 60 fps, plus you can map bumper jumper which is cool. ...I still prefer XBC
  13. I personally have always enjoyed Ascension. The only time I didn't like it was when Team Rifles was in TS and they still had the banshee on the map..I think that was late 05? Other than that I've always found it a fun slayer map.
  14. Berserk was my favorite anime series of all time. I know they did a remake but I never got around to watching it. Has anyone seen the remade series?
  15. That would actually be super rad haha. As for the last map, my bet is on Warlock or Waterworks
  16. That's a good comparison. There's more/easier angles to see elbow than banshee spawn though.
  17. I'm really excited for this. Elbow looks enormous, but I guess they added those walls for better cover and made it bigger for a reason. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays.
  18. I'll probably check out H2A multiplayer for a while before hopping into classic. Might run through the campaign when my roommate gets home from work. Totally taking the day off.
  19. I think the pulse grenade can be better utilized than the power drainer. Tossing a power drainer into a room and seeing it roll down a ramp behind them was frustrating.
  20. I liked Halo 4 more than Halo Reach. Halo 3 online shot registration still makes me want to jump out a window.
  21. GameStop, pretty close to my apartment. I hope they do a tourney but they probably won't.
  22. Somewhat related, but did anyone catch the Barely Legal Pawn skit that they did? Pretty hilarious. I'm a huge Breaking Bad fan so this was enjoyable.
  23. The flashlights feels more campaign nostalgic. I'm not a fan of the visr/promo vision.
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