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  1. Cod going back to its roots is a trend, I hope they just follow that, hard.
  2. I've moved on too. I deleted halo 5 and MCC from my Xbox recently to make space for new games. I still check in for big events as a spectator but that's pretty much it. I'll probably never actually play halo again unless the team at 343 Industries is changed/fired and we get some radical change. Having much more fun with DICE games. Battlefield 1 really took me in and I know that all their future games are going to stay true to the Battlefield formula and Thrusting and Charges will never make their way into that game.
  3. But what about the 10 people on waypoint who love the abilities and will never play competitive?
  4. I'm ready for another season of Optic Dominance all the way to HW18
  5. Naded coverage is so much more fun than the main stream tbh
  6. Did he say why he's competing again? With him and Naded back are we getting a little hype train going again?
  7. So we could have Hero/villain versions of Spartans/Elites. But to play one of these heros you have to get UNSC credits as a "Recruit" first. The recruit will be basic with no sprint or anything, classic playstyle. So the game will be designed around No Sprint or abilities. The competitive mode will be only recruits with power pickups that let you be hero's for 30 seconds which aren't too OP. And all the social warzone mode will allow you to play as hero's straight up and it can be the imbalanced ability mess the other crowd want. I'm reaching aren't I?
  8. A spark of hope still remains. Who knows, halo 6 might go back to classic halo with decent looking maps and everything. They might have actually listened to feedback and give the fans a good halo game. Lol joke, they will copy all the Destiny abilities next and we'll have triple thrust.
  9. Idk. When a player has a sniper in 49-49 with 20 seconds left. It's pretty epic!
  10. This would be the best thing to happen to halo in years if there was a way to populate it enough. But with next to no marketing and a complicated download on Reddit I can't see it happening. Looks awesome though. Can't wait to see what people do with those forge options.
  11. I just want to add that as mainly a spectator in halo 5. Close slayer games are some of the most entertaining games to watch. Especially when they slow down near the end. Strongholds always just looks like chaos unless there's an epic comeback or something.
  12. Not taking ANY of the blame off 343. They gather all their "feedback" from Reddit Halo and Waypoint. I was on Reddit a lot lately for other games and I spent some time on the halo board. At least half of the comments there are in full support of everything 343 does and I assume the majority will be happy with these changes. And 343i can confirm their own biases like they have done for years. There was a recent post about halo 3's success compared to 343's direction that must have hit over 1k comments now and again, the majority of the responses are saying halo 3's success was just good timing and they all prefer having Sprint and Thrust in the game. Halo = Dead.
  13. No they aren't unfortunately. I asked about it on reddit, apparently they have great versions of Narrows/Construct/Heretic but they weren't included because of frame rate drops. And I would accept frame rate drops to play these maps but others will not it seems.
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