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  1. Yar tbh I didn't like the thrust, it was skillful but added a bit of rando' ness to the strafing. Like I dont know about most people but I didnt like dudes running around a corner and then thrusting back behind it to stop getting killed. Grapple is going to 100% be abused though, no matter what.
  2. if it's le thing is still being done First Halo: H1 Favourite Halo: H3 First Competitive Halo: HR Least Played Halo: H4 Favourite Gun: BR Favourite Map: Sanc Favourite Pro: Snip3down 
  3. Can you believe this is H5? Well it is...
  4. No, sorry if I can't find games in matchmaking and I get the error unable to join 30% of the time I join friends and play custom games on custom game browser with my screen freezing every 2 minutes for 30 seconds then going back into our lobby and the game freezing almost every time. How is this game so broken? Also please go back to the roots, or at least try. Edit: Don't tell me it's people joining the game that's causing the freezing. It even happens in forge by myself.
  5. Such a good point. There should be room for both parties to submit their own idealised feedback.
  6. There's a few reasons why the HCS playlist didn't do as well as the Team Arena playlist with numbers. 1. It's at the top of the bloody matchmaking playlists unlike HCS sitting near bottom 2.The population linked by the playlist numbers consists of mostly avid "modern Halo" fans not classic-esque fans which there was a greater number of. The determination that "moderm Halo" is more popular based on the number of players in a playlist that is relatively dead compared to other Halo's is not a good justifaction for changes for all "Halo" fans. It may be for "modern Halo" fans but not all fans, like the ones who left and want Halo to regain its indentity. The same can be said for Halo 4 and MCC, their population flopped (MCC because of it being broken) because of their initial design choices. The same goes with Halo 5. The argument that oh look our sitting at top playlist is more popular in our relatively dead game means that's what style of Halo players want is flawed. Even though current HCS settings are competitive they still alienate the classic social players (because of all the SA's too/the audience that should be focused on), but it ended up the way it was because the whole game was designed around magnum starts so it kinda needs to be that way. The complete disregard for Halo's past success and indentity and uniqueness is what will keep this franchise steering in a confused path that may hit the nail on the head again, may.
  7. was raging all week at my game crashing and cursing H5 after uninstalling 3 days ago and this made me lol :')
  8. Buh buh worlds, buttttt competitive is back buh buh buhhhhhhhhhh I'm just going to wait for postmortem analysis v4*
  9. Noticed my aim getting heavier over the last few days since this update? Seems to be getting worse day-by-day. Maybe it's doing the same thing as the last aiming patch... Edit: I've noticed in settings differences when the gametypes have core base traits or different primary/secondary weapons the aim gets heavier
  10. Lmao, my generalisation is a generalisation but you get the point. I put a lot of time into it.
  11. I don't understand how you think I'm disagreeing with your points, I'm talking about something entirely different... Really not sure where the toxicity came from, maybe you guys are Spartan subs.
  12. Name one thing I said wrong? Then I'll shut up. Also in what world do you live in where you believe that you need a degree to know what you're talking about every single time. I spent 5 years researching this shit every single day so don't tell me what I don't know when all you're saying is that I don't have a degree. Lastly, I don't understand why you're being a volatile ass over me saying that. Have you got a problem listening to someone without a degree? I spose in your world everyone that has a peace of mind and some advice for others is an idiot before they have a degree.
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