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  1. Yeah I played prior to this update and it’s like a night and day difference. It just feels so inconsistent and restrictive. I just wanted to give a heads up to those playing post update so they don’t get confused, it’s not your controller.
  2. I got a chance to play some doubles in the new ce playlist, not sure about pc but the aiming on Xbox feels absolutely fucked. I had to play 10 sense just so the aiming feels consistent. Anyone else run into this issue? I feel like I genuinely can’t play until it gets fixed. I’m so disappointed right now.
  3. Eh, I don't really know how the entire game played out and I could care less about the ethical choice of 'to quit or not to quit' but I have a bit of a bone to pick with the argument that communication would solve the issue. No doubt it would go a long way to help secure the cap but using that as a crutch to excuse poor awareness gets tiresome. If you need a call out for information that gets fed to you by your HUD you need to be more attentive to the details in game. No one even turned around for an entire 15 seconds while the flag icon was still out, didn't notice the score hadn't changed, or even read the kill feed that he had died. I'm sure these guys have played the game long enough to be familiar with how common that situation is as well. You don't need to be psychic, you just need to pay attention.
  4. Glad you got it! I just heard that song in my head when I read his post.
  5. I don't think that's true that one of those words are only used. But I guess asking if I was sounding like a fake to better myself is upsetting people.
  6. Really? Is this how I come across? I genuinely want to know. Just as a practice of self-awareness. I didn't even feel like I was phrasing things with a "pseudo-intellectual" vibe to it.
  7. Look, man. Snide comments aside, I get your frustration but we need to ride this momentum of conversation. We can't let it fizzle out, what is 343 going to do with no push back?
  8. Dude, are you even reading my posts? I'm talking about an unscripted dialogue between people in real-time talking to each other with their voices.
  9. Look, you're putting insinuations to my purpose of dialogue which I don't appreciate. I'm not virtue signalling. I've seen plenty of constructive feedback this isn't the first time we've done this as a community. I'm not talking about creating videos and the like in forms of essays. These are static forms of communication, they aren't dynamic like a live discussion which is undoubtably better than correspondence via typed document or YouTube monologue. I'm just talking about creating a space where we can discuss what settings we want. That's fucking it. It's merely a suggestion.
  10. Really? The perfect catalyst to start a serious dialogue about much needed changes has just been put into the mix and we're shit posting. Look, I genuinely feel as though a forum is not necessarily the best way to engage in this discussion (written word is not the best). While it is good, it's not as good as a real-time conversation. I propose that we as a community create something akin to a "formally-informal" discussion. Remember when we had the Halo Council? Can we not organize something akin to this with the purpose of live conversation with great halo minds? (Pro players, casters, personalities) I think that if this was streamed and we had a post-discussion Q&A we can make some real headway on how WE want the competitive settings to look like. We have diagnosed the problem, let's now get some REAL discussion going on in a truly digestible way. Where everyone can see it.
  11. I'm going to be honest, the video was pretty unimpressive. I felt it was more of a vent than an articulate deconstruction of how 343 has handled the franchise. But if that's what you intended the video to be, a venting of frustration, then I feel you on that front. I find that your comparison of halo 4 and 5 to be pretty intellectually dishonest. Yes they share some mechanics such as sprint but it's hardly the same game. It's not even the same vision. A fundamental aspect of H4 was load outs, that has been taken out in H5. H4 had no de-scope where as Halo 5 doesn't and it has a new aiming feature called "smart-scope." Ordinance drops have also been removed, yet another big change. The mechanic of sprint has been altered an tied to your shields. You're just wrong on that point, I could go more into that but I want this to be as short as I can make it. I also find your dislike of warzone to be completely irrelevant to the core argument you're putting forth. It has nothing to do with Arena, it's a different game mode. Akin to playlists like grifball, infection, ect. If it's not your cup of tea, fine, but c'mon man you're bitching to bitch. This is probably me just being nit picky but I feel like it's an inconsistency and it bugs me. Now for the juicy bit. Quinn's tweet. Holy shit if I have ever seen a disingenuous response to a question this has to be it. How is "classic" a loaded term in this context? I mean Jesus fucking Christ if I ask someone if they like classic Star Wars are they going to say, "well what do you mean by classic?" They should know they are talking about the original trilogy. I mean how much nuance is there to unpack? What the fuck. Halo had nearly the same formula for a decade, this to me causes worry. You need to be able to have an honest discussion without having to do intellectual jui jitsu to keep them on point. Fuck me.
  12. I don't think he was implying what Ninja did was justified by Cratos rather that the lack of sportsmanship was the catalyst. And he's just talking Bullshit with his teammates, what's the big fucking deal?
  13. Humans are flawed. The data never lies. I like the idea of applying the scientific method to this, get the data first then draw conclusions
  14. Wait, am I on the forums or am I playing Destiny? So much dancing. I like it.
  15. Intellectual content is a thing too. He can entertain people with his comedic wit. The HCS podcast is content and all it is is a group of dudes talking.
  16. Dude, how does Ace and T2 still remember a tournament goose nearly 10 years later? No one forgets a goose, guess aPG will never be free of his. Haunting him forever
  17. That has happened a fair amount but recently a few Twitch streamers have fought these disputes and ended up winning. I can only imagine a kid stealing his parents credit card to donate thousands of dollars as a troll only to end up fullfulling his end of the deal.
  18. This nV vs ALG scrim is the strangest scrim I´ve ever tuned into. I don´t understand how so much weird shit can happen in so few games.
  19. Dude dropped 39 kills while the rest of his team was sitting at 18/19.
  20. Was it? Well I feel a little silly huh? Thought that was a strictly scrim list considering the posts and number of games between the teams. I thought Audley referring to it as not a scrim was just a poetic way of saying it didn't last long. TIL don't speed read and post
  21. Yeah it was tracked but they only played 5 games, I´d hardly call that a real scrim. EDIT: Whoops
  22. Pretty confident that at least 3 picks are a for sure thing. Optic at 7th and Liquid at 8th. Liquid has been struggling after losing aPG and now they are playing this week with a sub. Not looking good. CLG is just too far ahead to not be placed at 1st. 2-6th is a lot trickier to pick. I think Envy will nab the second place spot most likely out of the other teams, Pistola is coming back into form. ALG is having internal troubles even with a very talented roster in ContrA and Ryanoob, I see them placing 6th but I want to put them higher, these guys seem like the biggest wild card to me. Now 3-5 is undoubtably a crap shoot. I think Renegades will grab 3rd if they keep working on their inconsistencies and improving. E6 has Huke, could also nab 3rd but they haven't been quite as consistent in their series thus far, 3-0ing or getting 3-0'd by teams having varying performances. I see them getting 4th but I wouldn't be surprised to see them break top3, guess 4th is just a safe bet. That leaves EG at the 5th spot, I feel like with their current practice regiment and performances they will stay 5th but if these guys start grinding hard I can see them shaking up the rankings, I'm not sure how many more pro league matches they have to win to place higher than the other teams but if it's possible I can see them stealing 3rd and possibly second. nice meme nice meme TL;DR CLG 1st, Envy 2, RNG 3(4), E6 4(3), EG 5(2-4), ALG 6(?), Optic 7, Liquid 8. The reason I didn't add potential placings to four of the teams is because it seems unlikely they place outside of that rank.

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