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  1. I just signed in to say that each new map that comes out for this game is worse than the last. Playing them literally gives me cancer. I used to hate playing Arena because of breakout, now I hate it because of Overgrowth/Riptide/Torque.
  2. This will be the last thing I say about this because there is no sense in continuing to beat Greenskull down. I don't dislike that he gets exclusive content, I'm not jealous either. What I dislike is that somehow, the guy that has nothing critical to say about 343, nothing critical to say about Halo's direction, has somehow become influential within the community. I don't want him to be the face of the community, I don't want him to speak for the casual or hardcore gamer, I don't want him to provide his opinion on game mechanics directly to 343 - which is clearly happening. Besides the fact that he's incredibly arrogant, that's why I don't like the guy.
  3. I don't know how the private events work (I'll assume he pays for his plane ticket hotel, etc), but the guy has monetized his YouTube channel. He gets views and subsequently revenue for his exclusive H5 content. He may not be getting directly paid, but is certainly benefiting from his relationship with 343, which gives him a huge incentive to not be critical of 343.
  4. The first thing he mentions is how his YouTube channel has seen tremendous growth over the last couple of weeks, which is presumably due to the private events he's been invited to so he can record Halo 5 content for his channel. Then he has the balls to spend the next few minutes saying that he's not paid by 343 or Microsoft as he is commentating on exclusive content that is generating views and revenue for his channel. The guy is an absolute cancer to the community and it's unfortunate he has been able to get a majority of the pre-release content for Halo 5.
  5. I have a hard time believing no one at 343 was aware of the backwards compatibility project, especially given the magnitude of the change to the X1 infrastructure.
  6. One thing I have yet to understand is, why wasn't this an option for MCC? After hearing an interview from Phil Spencer (I don't have a link, sorry), it seemed like backwards compatibility had been on the table for a while. Seemed only logical for 343 to pivot and release only H2 and H2A after they realized their game was fucked, then extend BC for H3, Reach, and H4.
  7. Respectfully, I'm going to disagree with both of you. Every organization has certain resources that consistently perform better than their peers. In my experience, the high performing resources are the ones that are placed on the time sensitive, high visibility, and/or more complex projects as they have the bandwidth and skill to support. For 343, that project was not MCC. As I see it, the game is still in a poor condition because of the following, both of which point to this being the "B" team: The MCC team is not skilled enough to fix the game in a timely mannerThis has been shown by 343 contracting a third party to perform the March patch to Splash Damage (and who knows what other ones) They have consistently introduced new defects into the game, or claimed to fix defects that were not actually fixed There are not enough resources on the MCC team to fix the gameThe game itself was cobbled together with silly putty and band-aids from 5+ companies IIRC, they outsourced testers for one of their patches The frequency of the patches has consistently decreased over time. They've gone from multiple per week, to weekly, to monthly. This indicates to me they've diverted resources to another project
  8. In addition to less resources, I bet 343 put their second string on MCC, so we're dealing with a less skilled team. From a business perspective, would you rather have your most talented resources building/innovating a brand new game, or having them work on a game that's already been established?
  9. I can't comment on this too much, as I've never experienced this, it's always been someone contesting the objective. I do know even after the objective has been played, it can still be contested. Edit: I was thinking about this, and it is possible on Sanc for the Bomb to reset due to time (I don't remember if it can be thrown off). If both teams stop contesting, the reset timer will start ticking down until it's contested again - at which point the game timer goes back to 0:05. That can keep happening until it was played, and if someone was in ring two or bonfires, it would be contested. Not saying that happened in your game, just and observation that it is possible. Scoring doesn't have an effect on contesting. If your team scores and someone is within range to contest, the game continues. Admittedly, the circumference at which the objective can be contested is huge, especially for Midship and Warlock.
  10. This has always been in H2. As long as someone is contesting the objective, the game will not end. I remember many games where one team would super jump with the objective and just continue playing the game until the other team quit. Turf 1-flag was the most notorious for this.
  11. Safe to say they're a poorly managed company.
  12. I 100% believe there is only one resource who manages the playlists for MCC, and it's something they do off the side of their desk. There seems to be no testing, quality assurance, or verification process before the updates go live. How else is it possible to get well documented rules/settings wrong from 2007 and have radar in CE slip through? Also would make sense why we see sporadic playlist updates as well.
  13. Great write-up! One thing I didn't see in the article but they showed off several times was the real-time integration of the Halo Channel and Twitch. Was that ever done? My assumptuon is no since i have seen zero marketing about it, and it would require them to get stat tracking correct, but I'll admit I don't know the status of this because I never use the Halo Channel.
  14. Why do you think H3 aiming is the best? You've mentioned/implied twice now that aim acceleration is has a negative impact on the game - which I would think moving your riticle around would be paramount to aiming/gunplay. I'm just not sure you can make that claim given your previous statements. Not trying to be a dick, just trying to understand your POV better.
  15. My feedback isn't directly tied to the content of his updates, it's more about his ability to be effective. Just so you know where I'm coming from, I'll provide my feedback plus corresponding examples. - Provides inconsistent customer service. Ex: Post content updates, it's not uncommon for him to go silent (on twitter, waypoint, etc.) for hours and/or days. Yet, there are other days where he randomly answers community questions on twitter. - Customer service is very reactive to respond to customer needs. Ex: The bulletins stopped providing updates on the state of MCC. It took outcry from the community to get those back... In text form. As Community Manager, it should be a basic expectation to continue to provide status updates while your product remains broken. - Ineffective at influencing process and/or organizational change. Ex: The continuous updates about an update that is coming "soon." Based on feedback provided here and reddit (I'm not sure about GAF), he should be able to influence his peers and leadership that the content updates are ineffective and a change is needed. - Ineffective and untimely communication. Ex: All updates say the same thing, and come at different times of day. In his defense, I also get the sense the different teams work in silos with minimal communication across the organization --which does not allow forr the Community Manager to be as effective as they need to be. - Unable to establish and/or adhere to existing processes. Ex: Updates come out inconsistently, different times of day and sometimes different days of the week. - Unable to delegate tasks to meet deadlines Ex: Since he knew he was going to be out of the country, he should have delegated his responsibilities to another resource (I.e. community update, daily communications, escalating issues, etc.). Cc'ing @@Bravo so he is aware of my feedback. Edit: I forgot to add: - Brand management and social media usuage is inconsistent Ex: Bravo's personal twitter should not be the source of updates or central point of contact for the community. This should be handled through the Halo twitter and/or waypoint.
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