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  1. Any enjoyment that I would get out of that level is defeated by the fact that my suspension of disbelief is destroyed when the giant tank with a gun almost the size of its targets can't fire at said targets unless the only target locator in the Infinity's arsenal is picked up from the downed Pelican and can't even really be used in actual gameplay.
  2. Halo 3's Flood had more mechanics to them, but I feel like they didn't really encapsulate the idea that their name suggests. CE had "unlimited Flood doors" which were somewhat annoying to clear if you didn't know when it was best to advance at higher difficulties, but the sheer amount of them attacking you at once and even over time made them feel like what their idea is supposed to be, and the tech level for CE compared to Halo 3 when it comes to being able to handle those encounters like shows some excellent scenario/level development on Bungie's part at the time. Cortana is a notable exception since the level's design did well with its Flood aesthetic that gives the player the feeling that they are surrounded, but even there there were areas that felt tame at worst when you consider that you're located in the center of where the Flood are spawning from lore-wise. The only problem I have with CE's Flood is one that made me upset upon both on the initial playthrough and the replaying of Flood levels, and continued to do so until I discovered Jackal Snipers on Legendary and had the legitimate thought, "Maybe Rocket Flood weren't so bad." Still, fuck those guys
  3. Did you say "I'm not a fan of you," turn around while putting on sun glasses, and walk away with an explosion in the background?
  4. I've been lurking the discord for a hot minute now. Maybe I should actually get in some games.
  5. Sentinels really surprised me with a relatively lackluster performance. Sure, I guess it could be chalked up to Bubu simply being in the zone the entire time, but Sentinels' roster is just so solid that it surprises me that they could lose so hard. Looking forward to a comeback. Lethul can't go out like that.
  6. I'll say that CE's movement feels sluggish and could have been better than it was. But Halo 3's gameplay on the whole doesn't compare. CE's sandbox and map design is superior, and the Magnum is way more consistent than the H3 BR and is the fundamental reason CE isn't considered a teamshoot game like Halo 2 and 3 are. What Halo 3 has going for it at its time was actual internet connectivity, Forge, more custom game options, theater, and all of that coalescing into more community involvement. I'm not suggesting that Halo 3 was a bad game by any means, but CE has a lot going for it when it comes to its gameplay design which is why many consider it to be the most competitive Halo release simply on the gameplay end.
  7. Don't remember if the Xbox MCC version does that, but bloom shouldn't occur if the player only taps the trigger on the CE Magnum even if it is being fired at the max RoF. Bloom really only occurs on automatic weaponry in CE, and the mechanic exists on the Magnum to simply prevent players from haphazardly holding down the trigger.
  8. If you're suggesting that I should look elsewhere, I won't debase myself by reading through the pit of general morons that Waypoint has been infamous for. I don't care if a bunch of thumbless ******* crave weapon starts that only serve to put them at an even greater disadvantage once the better players in the match pick up the DMR's and NR's and proceed to destroy them with arguably superior weaponry that they can't counter with their starting loadout. The worse part is that even with skill-based matchmaking in social (if that were a thing) it would just corrupt higher level gameplay with the same shit, only it will merely depend on who picks up and holds the DMR's at the general start. Turning matches into a crapshoot like that are the reason why listening to people who have no understanding of how Halo functions and people who request AR starts for BTB which will only serve to make vehicles even more powerful will only negatively affect Halo in the long term.
  9. They weighted AR starts to be 3x that of DMR starts? Without vote or veto? Guess I'm never leaving ranked. The fuck were they thinking...
  10. That sounds a lot more personal that you probably meant as it's written, but I can probably assume otherwise. And maybe it's time someone tries to support why something should be in the game with reasoning instead of just throwing it in and waiting for people to either state why it was a poor decision to include (which is split between hindsight and "we've been saying this stuff for years") or waiting for it to take its toll on the game's gameplay and population.
  11. Just as compelling as many of your assertions. The difference is that I've talked about my reasoning plenty enough and the general consensus here is that Halo 5's SA's were a poor decision. You can support your own claim first if you'd like.
  12. Considering Halo 5's "advanced" movement is stupid, Imma go with no.
  13. We can at least agree that CE's "arena" gameplay, on purpose or not, works best in 2's. 3's might be pushing it, but 4's is generally just too many for many maps.
  14. Wat, no. CE has never sucked for BTB ever, especially when they added the PC maps. There's maybe one BTB size map that's probably too large and shouldn't be taken too seriously, but the rest of them have a lot of depth that complement how CE plays.
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