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  1. If by worse you mean ugly by comparison, then I would agree. They turned up the shiny factor way too much and, in addition to some other factors involved, simultaneously created an uninteresting atmosphere and a sensory overload.
  2. The initial idea that sprint was necessary stemmed from the old CoD era trends that no longer exist in to the extent that they did, anyway. As much as saying so is beating a dead horse, Halo's best move is to be its own thing apart from the crowd, and the current gaming climate supports this now more than ever given games like Fortnite (as much as I dislike it) show that things that are relatively unique can rise in popularity given the right conditions (even if there are plenty of games showing up trying to get in on the battle royale craze). It's been obvious from the start that anything that Halo does to follow instead of make trends will only hurt its identity and its playerbase, but I figure 343 can't afford a third game that misses the mark, and the money they've thrown at the classic tournies shows that they're willing to look at the popularity of the older games to see if that's something people want again.
  3. The change in developer and direction of the game has resulted in Halo's demise. That's it. I can't expect Halo to feel right and "real" ever again as long as 343 is at the helm with the direction they are going. Halo is no longer a leader, but a follower. And that's what's truly sad about its state of affairs.
  4. No bloom on precision weapons, because that's dumb. A Magnum that's actually satisfying to use. Stop making autos so fucking powerful in a vain attempt to appeal to casuals. Plasma stun. That's really all it would take to get it going in the right direction.
  5. It's not a lifelike representation if she doesn't stand in front of your screen or disconnect you from your match whenever you even vaguely say something that sort of resembles "hey Cortana."
  6. I hope that that's true. I'm sure we're all very aware of how cancerous random BR spread is.
  7. A step back in the right direction doesn't mean that they've even crossed the starting line.
  8. That's fine. I'm not stingy about people sharing my content whatsoever.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRnPR8dewPQ
  10. I'm going to ignore the obvious bait and state how great a line this is.
  11. Because the Brute Plasma Rifle doesn't count.
  12. Have you played CE? The only reason the Storm Rifle is decent at all is because the utility weapons aren't even in the same league as the CE Magnum.
  13. Because ZBNS is still a more functional Halo game than Halo 4 or 5.

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