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  1. I heard Danoxide was taken to Jurassic Park by Chris Pratt
  2. The time probably wasn't completely over if a full second didn't complete from :01 - :00. Which is why it most likely came down to milliseconds for that cap to count.
  3. Holy shit Sparty clutched the hell out of this cap with milliseconds left on the clock to send the game to OT https://clips.twitch.tv/spartanthedogg/ExcitedLorisFuzzyOtterOO
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/ninja/InnocentCamelTooSpicy Ace just choked so hard lol
  5. Here's the Champ bracket even though it's still not final. http://p5s.challonge.com/UGC50kChamp
  6. Ninja is not giving up Halo after worlds. For those that know me, know that I met him over the holidays. He told me he plans to continue competing after worlds. Now we can end the silly debate and move on. You're welcome.
  7. You'd have to find them on TV when they air. They were taken off of Youtube due to a copyright claim both times they were uploaded
  8. Him and his family were on 4 episodes in a row a couple of years back
  9. I'll post the Youtube link to the montage after it finishes playing on Ninja's stream since it is still unlisted.
  10. I was told it will be unlisted in a few hours. The montage is 17 minutes long as well.
  11. I just watched the Ninja montage. You are all in for a real treat today. CJNEW did a great job on the video.
  12. Ninja will be streaming Halo tonight around 8pm Central. He still wants to compete and get on a team. So there's that.
  13. I enjoyed it although it did drag on at some points. There's a pretty mind blowing twist after chapter 13 which I wasn't expecting at all. I am still hooked on the game and I cannot wait for the DLC to drop in the coming months. Thursday there is an update coming out for those that are unaware; - New Game + game mode is being released - Holiday pack. Includes free stuff for everyone, and some extra stuff for those that bought the premium versions
  14. I completed the main story last night. I put in just over 50 hours into the game and there is still a lot of endgame content to grind out. Absolutely would recommend this game to any RPG fan. I still plan on playing a lot and nothing has come close to burning me out and nothing is stale.
  15. I'd like to clear up the whole Ninja stream incident that happened even though we're pages past that. The TL;DR version is the donator donated under a racist name (Kill N------) AND posted his own personal information in the donation message (AFAIK). Ninja then read it to the stream out of hatred due to the racism. Yes it was against the ToS but it's all cleared up and Ninja isn't getting banned/suspended. Just wanted to make a quick statement is all. You can have your own opinions on the deal, I just wanted to shed some light for you guys.
  16. EG is going to Vegas according to Ninja on stream last night. Unless something has changed it the last 12 hours.
  17. I haven't posted in quite some time... But holy sweet mother of god you guys are getting triggered by EVERYTHING lately.
  18. Good riddance Che is leaving. Yes he helped bring back Halo eSports to what it is today. But he was definitely not the right person for the job. Hope someone with more experience and not as sensitive (blocking every negative person on Twitter) fills the spot.
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