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  1. Arena Breakout not removed from Team Arena playlist? After weeks of people tweeting at people like Bravo telling them to take it out lol. The only thing I wanted 343 to do in this patch and it wasn't done.
  2. Also an F/A been playing competitively since H3, down to run some games if you are. GT: Nurzo
  3. Down to run some games, I added you.
  4. Still looking for a solid team, trying to get as much practice as possible before the first qualifer on december 6th, GT: Nurzo
  5. Bump still looking and going to be running games every night this week, please only hit me up if you're serious and know you have the skill to place well at events. twitter - @Nurz0
  6. Nurzo


  7. Looking to run games with any serious partial teams or other f/a's to try and start a team. I plan on attending the opener of HCS for Halo 5 and I want to get a team ASAP to practice as much as possible to build chemistry and improve as a squad. I'm willing to run with almost anyone but I ask a few things from anyone interested 1. Be dedicated and driven to placing well at the HCS opener... I plan on playing almost daily from now until whatever date the HCS opener will be and I expect the same dedication from my teammates. 2. Have the individual skill needed to perform against good players... Having a good shot and being able to win your individual battles are a huge part of being successful when it comes to playing competitively, in this game stats are pretty in depth with damage dealt and hit percentage so if we run games and you are lacking in these departments i will not consider teaming with you. 3. Be serious about improvong and learning the game ( Don't have an elitest attitude ) This is a brand new game with new maps and gametypes to adapt to, you need to be willing and able to watch gameplay with the team and be able to learn how to fit the playstyle of how the team wants to play, that means when a teammate suggests you do something different in a situation you dont act like you know everything and that you are always right. 4. Be able to attend LAN events... If you cant attend the first event or are going to say you are going to attend and bail last minute please do not waste my time or any potential teammates time. If you think you match what I've described in a player please either post here with your gamertag or add and send me a message on xbl. GT: Nurzo
  8. When is the stream supposed to start today? BTW could someone add me to this chat as well. Nurz0 <- zero
  9. The enemy bosses seem to have pretty bad A.I and don't look very hard to kill, did you notice this yourself?
  10. Willing to run with anybody/any teams just please be serious and dedicated. I'm able to play for at least 4 hours everyday and want a team who can do the same. Having the will to learn and go over gameplay as a team when we lose AND win to build chemistry and learn each other's thought process in game. I'm not a cocky player but I believe in myself and my ability to perform and have a goal of Top 16 at Indy. Msg my GT if you want to run : Nurzo
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