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  1. Add me for scrims or anything.. i need new people to play with. GT : MF Germz New Jersey * lol
  2. Looking for a team to play with online or even lan events. Extremely dedicated and great team player.i can fill up any spot in a team; slayer/support/lead. I'm down for anything such as customs/mm/film reviewing. GT: MF_GERMZ Age 19 NJ
  3. GT: MF Germz Im making a comeback and im really dedicated.
  4. NJ, 15minutes away GT: MF Germz
  5. They should just make the new h5 game like the new xmen movie to erase h4 ideas..
  6. I recently started playing cod more than halo now. Looking for good ppl to run League Play; I only play with one other person. I'm also in Masters right now. Add me: MF GerMz
  7. These are the same things we heard after the announcement of halo 4..
  8. just add me for some games then.. GT: oo Da Funk oo im not using "mf germz" anymore

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