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  1. Hello guys, this is my very first and final Halo: Reach MLG Montage. I've had these clips laying around for years but I've never had the will to make something of these clips..UNTIL NOW! Please have a look and tell me what you think, also don't forget to rate this video and subscribe if you enjoyed it, it would mean a lot. Thank you / Alec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WuOJhdb9S4
  2. Team Name: Okee Dokee Gamertag 1: AlexKKoski Gamertag 2 xAcer95x
  3. Halo 4, my bad. Apparently i'm high d:^)
  4. Here's a Halo: Reach Montage I released yesterday, give the montage a like! Gameplay: Miutzu Edit: AlexKKoski
  5. Feel free to post NEW Halo Montages in this tread or your favorite Halo Montages of all time.
  6. Need scrims Halo: Reach right now! Mssg us on XBL: - AlexKKoski - xAcer95x
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