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  1. thank you!! if anyone has also Guardian TS V3 and H4 AGL V5 it would be wonderful
  2. Hi, Someone has MLG settings & maps of H1, H2, H3 and H4 in file share? i have some game settings but not the map variants.. i'm looking for: H1 MLG H2 MLG 2007 H3 MLG V8 + Guardians TS V3 H4 AGL V5 This topic can be used as database for this..i will edit it..
  3. It was not wonted.. but those elements were used for having four holes in the top mid corners.. to escape from top to bottom..
  4. very good map. I don't like only the sniper locations..you may enlarge the balcony in red and blue base, and replace elevators with ramps..
  5. Hi, thank you for the feedback. Camping Sword is possible, how as many maps in halo..but is not so simple how you can believe. if you are in gold and you take the sword, the shields can be activated only by a team mate in red or blue base.. not from gold or green. it requires teamwork. The other team must be alert: if shields are on, and enemies has got the sword, they must not enter in top mid.. shotgun in bottom mid can be useful.. This is how i think, but each map with dynamic element has also a no-dynamic version..(lockdown, shrine ecc have also an anniversary version). I could made this also for Redux, if people likes it.
  6. Hi, This is my map for H2A, inspired to Simplex & Midship. http://youtu.be/7gwtNN4PWrI GEOMETRIC DESCRIPTION: Elliptic Arena, Symmetric. Dimension: 33 x 35,5 mt Ideal for: 4vs4 WEAPONS: Overshield (x1) 90s Energy Sword (x1) 60s Shotgun (x1) 60s Covenant Carabine (x1) 45s Battel Rifle (x6) 45s SMG (x4) 45s Plasma Pistol (x2) 45s Plasma Rifle (x2) 45s Frag Grenades (x4) 30s Plasma grenades (x2) 30s DYNAMIC ELEMENTS: Door Shield (x8) Switchers On (x2) Timer Off: 60s Push the buttons to active the shields around the mid structure. They turns off after 60s. GAME MODE: Team Slayer Team CTF5 Multiflag Team Crazy King Team Assault Multibomb Team Oddball Rumble Pit I hope u like it Download from GT: Lukr4sh
  7. Hi, I think Halo 2 is not h2 without midhsip, imho.. so, why don't open a contest for a midship remake in H2A? the winner could propose its work to some cartographer, for including it in e-sport playlist..
  8. Hi, i'm a italian. i know everyeye, it's a good site. The article was removed for the news prohibition, until to Nov 11. It will be post tuesday again.
  9. Lukr4sh


    Hi, I'm italian, 30 YO. My first (and favourite) halo was halo 2. So, i'm very happy for H2 Anniversary gg
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