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  1. Kinda disappointed in the fact I wanted prototype as their forth but UnLegit has looked pretty beastly at this game from what iv seen
  2. Have there been any tournament announcements lately? Or are they gonna wait till after launch?
  3. He streams all the time bro, not sure what's happening with him HCS-wise, probably has something in the works
  4. I know this is off topic but where is this strongside montage, feels like I've been waiting years for that bad boy
  5. I doubt they'd run an event and not advertise it at all, maybe they're just doing promo vids and stuff for worlds.
  6. I'd love to see a "343 employees read mean tweets" video, the would be real.
  7. Surely the term "Reach Kid" has to be a postive thing now seeing the pros that were making their breakthrough during the MLG 2011 season (Mikwen, Lethul, Sbite, Royal 2 etc..) are now are in the top 4 teams and in my opinion the 4 pros i named above are some of the most exciting players to watch nowadays..... Mikwen on Sunday though..... PURE :flames:
  8. 1. EG 2. Denial 3. CLG 4. Noble Black 5. Team Randa 6. Optic 7. C9 8. Elevate
  9. [quote name="WaiHo" post="440905" timestamp="1427305015 He is now team with Cpt Anarchy and ThuggishKilla, still looking for a 4th as far as I know. Hope they find a good 4th, Cpt Anarchy has always been a solid player but I think he just hasn't had the best of luck these last few years. Maybe SK?
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