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  1. not sure why everyone is complaining about a local FFA that 343 is running lets be realistic for a second here: 1. its a fun local literally 2 weeks before dreamhack ATL (which is possibly gonna be one of the biggest turnouts for halo 5 hopefully) 2. you cant even give out money prizes at microsoft stores when i when to an RTX qualifiers we did get goodie bags with a bunch of halo related stuff inside and the actually tourney for the prize money was at a convention 3. even if you could give money prizes the prize pool wouldnt be near anywhere good enough to spend money for flight hotel etc 2 weeks before an actual event (dreamhack) and i promise out of everyone making fun complaining etc maybe what only 1 person may actually go i could see maybe 20 locals going if even that could the prize be better controllers headsets etc yeah but be realistic for a second
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  3. team told me we arent wearing anything with plaid or strips FeelsBadMan
  4. This 100% everyone that ever asked me this is what i told them its helps more then you think even if you match t04 and its cancer etc etc it still helps to grind and get better
  5. honestly lets punish the other 3 who worked just as hard and earned that spot through the LCQ, everyone else had a opportunity to get those pro league spots but optic won their way in no reason they need to prove anything else they did that in the LCQ
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