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  1. Well Season 3 has officially ended! I hope all if not most of you hit your desired ranking for end of season rewards! (I know I'll be repping all my gold goodies as soon as I get them) What do you all think of the Season 4 vision changes, and what rank are you shooting for this upcoming season?
  2. Freakin' hilarious. At first it seemed a little cheesy at first, but then I lost it. Laughing the whole time.
  3. And that's why I haven't been sniping during this Halo 3 throwback.
  4. I'd rather they take a little longer and get it right. They have too at this point or their won't be a Halo after their next release. Make a mark with this next game, time isn't an issue.
  5. Yeah I remember this gametype also. I also remember my squad of friends /trying/ to win games without capping a single flag and getting unfriggs via Reach spawn camping. Wasn't Reach such a great game?
  6. Destiny = :goat: Hope today's reveal stands up to the hype.
  7. Not feeling it. If I want a few "spells" I'll go on my League account or another MOBA. Halo should stick with what it's good at. fast paced FPS.
  8. Hey DustStorm, welcome to my second home
  9. Everyone is talking about their rank so I figured I'd just post my league. About to hit gold which I am super hype for. Also Cloud 9 for worlds! :frankerz:
  10. League is currently the most popular game in the world, so there's going to be copies and duplicates trying to make thier mark. RTS's bring high amounts of teamwork and competetiveness. I personally only play League but I can say I love the style of gameplay and the map, Symetrical and awesome.
  11. No nerf is needed, but remove the bloom and Halo is golden. If parts of reach did one thing right it was the anniversary pistol playlist.
  12. I also saw it and already responded on twitter, but I have a lot more space to flesh out what is going on and why it needs to stop. So I'm going to do that. A twitch chat is something similair to a WWE arena. The crowd is completely nuts, screaming their heads out over nothing, and ultimately have total control. They don't even like what their watching and they still scream over the match. That's my best analogy to a twitch chat. The best way to try and counter this is a good ratio of mods per veiwer and actual attempted control on the situation. I was watching during the G4C segment not because I am even an ounce christian, but because I was appauled by the chat and what was happening during it. The mods said a few times to be respectful and if you don't like it come back at one, but from the 15 minute period I was there I saw no timeouts, putting the room in slow mode of anything of that sort. I've seen chats with 5,000 people and be completely clean, and I've seen chats with 1,000 people that are complete and utter hell (vise versa, just making a point) Twitch chats will only be as toxic as we as a community and people as mods and leaders let it.
  13. I think some people may be concerned over the interactive sheild breaking system on that map, But I think that system could work great in pro play and adds diversity to the scene. The timer on the interactable is completely trackable and has 0 randomness to it. Could make things interesting. We'll have to wait and see.
  14. Welcome to BE my friend! Looking forward to seeing you around the place. ;D
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