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  1. Didn't always agree with the way management handled situations, but I do appreciate what they were trying to do for a game that didn't have support anywhere else. This whole year has obviously been a learning experience for everyone. Seems like it's time to move on and support UGC and Gandhi for the tourny they are planning and then keep drilling into 343's heads what we're looking for in H5(respectfully of course.) All the best to Brad and everyone at Bonafide.
  2. is this really the place to discuss all of this? there really isn't a need to keep this conversation going publicly. just giving more fuel for people to burn. i understand that people need to know negativity should not be allowed in such manner but set an example and end it.
  3. Ive stuck with halo for what it has meant to me in the past and what I hope for in the future. If 343 hadn't pushed out the weapon update and developer support in to tournaments I might have given up on their efforts. I believe they recognize the importance of the competitive aspect for a game such as halo, and bringing in josh menke who created the Starcraft 2 as well as blops 2's ranking system along with 60 fps and dedicated servers is a huge step in the right direction. I believe halo for the xboxone will revisit the success we lived through in the past.
  4. Does anyone think we'll see deals from partnered cable companies that would allow a cheaper console price for a contract extension?
  5. I'm optimistic on Halo 5 with the steps 343 has been making, hopefully with Quinn and Bravo being a presence at the studio from the begging of production it will turn out in our favor. Playing devil's advocate tho this was the studio that brought us no bloom no sprint in the later portion of Reach. They clearly took a back step in Halo 4. They need to bring in more bodies like Quinn and Bravo who have a love for what Halo is instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.
  6. I honestly can't wait. I don't see it making the population increase all too much but hopefully it causes more pro's from the past to dabble into Halo 4's competitive scene. With descoping obviously not being in the game, hopefully the less aim assist for starting weapons can cause some sort of a skill gap that this game lacks.
  7. I think if in between v4 and v5 there isn't any major changes and or exploits with the gametypes and maps then maybe Ghost can take a look at sprint being disabled, but I do think people should give sprint a chance with the new weapon tuning before we completely disband it. I don't see any major problems coming with v4, so hopefully it has a long lifespan in throwdown.
  8. Awesome job guys! Keep up the hard work and all the best!!!
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