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  1. This game could be so much better with even less aim assist. Speaking of which, whatever happened to the Beamer nerf?
  2. I've been using the Carbine since Halo 2. I'm so glad they gave it the buff it needed. Interesting fact: The Battle Rifle used to be a single-shot weapon, but then it was changed to a burst. Bungie loved the original so much that they brought it back in a Covie skin: The Carbine. Some say it predates the BR...
  3. @iRGush I don't know...have you checked out the Carbine recently?
  4. Something I've noticed and something xClicked touched on in his latest video is decreased overall map movement. I don't known if it's just a apprehension of the new settings or the fear of getting slaughtered by that Battle Rifle. I really can't say anything conclusive this early on, but I'm thinking that mandatory Assault Rifle load-outs could be beneficial on the casual-competitive side of things--Throwdown and all that should stick with the Battle Rifle, of course. We love our mid-range rifles; I think the incentive to earn one, instead of being gifted an all-purpose death machine in the beginning of the match, could propel game play forward and make players MOVE.
  5. @VelociT But now that concept is working against a dedicated group, the montage community. It's hard to be impressed by a "snapshot" when it's so easy to pull off. We need auto aim to GTFO!
  6. Does anyone know anything about it? Back at GDC, they announced a playlist that would be a cross between Throwdown and Infinity Slayer, to be released in late June. I posted a topic about it on the 343industries Community forum, but I reckon they're not as involved as people on Beyond. My initial speculations were that Legendary Slayer would supply the player with mid-range rifles through personal Ordnance. Perhaps that is why they tested the weapons for so long. Could this be the classic playlist we've all been waiting for? Tell me what you think. I'm interested to see what players in the upper echelons say as well as other speculations.
  7. Good observations. I think now that the rifles are so deadly, the aim assist should be decreased. I don't mean the RRR necessarily, but the amount of auto aim/bullet magnetism should be decreased. Overall, a more skillful game will play faster and be more satisfying. Thanks for posting the numbers. Also, wtf on the unscoped Sniper?
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