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  1. It might make more sense as equipment—it could work like the teleport dash in Dishonored. IIRC there was a scrapped Promethean teleport dash armor ability in Halo 4 that was probably replaced with thruster pack, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. It does seem like something that could be abused for escape, though. Splitgate looks pretty cool, but you shouldn’t be able to shoot through portals, especially if enemies can’t see you on the other side. You can’t see through others’ portals because it would be too visually demanding. But there’s still time for that to change.
  2. I’m a fan of the Extra Jump powerup in this one pseudo-arena shooter. It just increases your jump height by 10%. Unlike speed boost, this doesn’t really allow you to escape battles any better. It solely increases your unpredictability, much like Camo, since you can now take uncommon routes to gain the element of surprise. In Halo, this could easily be a double jump powerup to be more intuitive for players. It would also give 343 a way to incorporate the “lore” of the Spartan thrusters that was focused on so much in Halo 5. In the absence of enhanced mobility, one player slightly breaking the game for a minute is quite manageable and adds depth in use and counterplay. Just add a purple glow to their boots or something so people can anticipate the extra jump.
  3. As Riddler said, spread is completely independent of how long the bullet takes to get to the target. Leading shots is good, random spread is bad, and there's no reason they have to be paired. For an analysis of how Halo 3's random spread can influence the outcomes of even gunfights with perfect aim, read this post. Bungie's explanation for random spread:
  4. Couple pieces of advice since they've been saying this for years: 1. Don't make every bullet magnetize to such an insane degree so the only room for differentiation is a few controversial game mechanics. 2. Don't require button combos to traverse what would have been simple routes in previous games. 3. Congratulations, you've now made a Halo game that makes fans not want to tear their hair out and doesn't feel "sweaty" with every possible skill matchup.
  5. I know, it was a joke, I just remember that being thrown around as an excuse for why things weren't there. That and 60 fps. But now that it's an actually new engine I just can't help but think about all the... DLC to look forward to.
  6. So what are all your bets on how many legacy gametypes/features will be available at launch considering it's a new engine just like Halo 5
  7. You can't seriously think that's better than Halo 1 no shields 400% health.
  8. The best part of having different melee hitboxes is to add more situational advantages. The utility weapon should have one of the most difficult melees because it’s so useful for shooting. Any short range weapon should have a faster or longer-reaching melee. It kind of misses the point just to have different melee properties based on the size and shape of the gun. It should be a lot like quick camo. But this is assuming the sandbox has interesting situational balance instead of “at this range this gun wins.” What would likely happen is that already unstoppable weapons like the Storm Rifle 2.0 get a sword lunge. The most important thing is to just make melees more difficult so that close-quarters combat, the most interesting area of combat, is rendered less brainless. (edit: by means of encouraging using your gun more in close-quarters)
  9. Unfortunately MCC has helped tarnish people’s memories of Halo 1’s sandbox, what with the easiness of the pistol/sniper and the lack of plasma stun. That and the ridiculously easy “Halo 1 Magnum” in H5. Oh, and the persistent narrative from the developers over the years because they didn’t like the idea of skill differentiation or weapon decisions that made you use your head. Also, don’t forget the community’s idea that longer kill times are more fair because “you have more time to fight back” (i.e. run away and reset the fight). So, you see, it is hopeless.
  10. But if everyone has different ideas about what Halo is, shouldn’t we try to split the power up so that there’s something for everyone? I mean, you could let individuals have a lot of control like in the development of Halo 1, but gamers in 2018 have so many expectations.
  11. But if they spend all this time making a better sandbox, how are they going to find the time to make maps that play well?
  12. Kind of weird that there is a strong correlation between the enjoyability of a Halo game and the position of the utility weapon relative to the sandbox. We should probably nerf the Magnum to make sure the Storm Rifle is still useful in its intended
  13. To be fair, Halo 3 looks better than most console shooters these days. It’s about time we lower our standards.
  14. I'm sure Halo players would love it since the significance of individual players would be diluted even further. But let's see, the past few Halo games have played terribly for FFA, not including NBNS, so I think the game will fall flat on its face chasing another trend.
  15. This video and the one about sprint/clamber were superb. Over time I've realized that most Halo players want the same things. People will defend their crutches like sprint and slow kill times because it gives them a sense of control. They don't think they should have to die every time they're in a bad position, so being able to run away makes it seem like they have more choices. What they really would appreciate is having the chance to win a losing battle. Of course, that depends completely on the difficulty and power of the weapons, but most players haven't experienced games with that kind of balance.
  16. Video chatting with “hot singles in your area” doesn’t count as making friendships, Grim.
  17. Difference is that quad/double shot actually solved a problem having to do with slow kill times and lack of skill differentiation with the BR. Super slide just added to an already powerful set of movement techniques. The glitches aren’t even remotely comparable in difficulty or effect.
  18. I don't think what I was talking about has been made. I'm not advocating for watering down games like Quake and UT. I'm suggesting a completely different IP with a completely different focus. No arena FPS game focuses on FFA, which is arguably the most accessible mode. In a 1v1, even a slight skill difference will result in a landslide victory usually. In team modes, worse players are discouraged from playing either by their teammates or by the notion of ruining the fun for their teammates. With FFA, you aren't as discouraged because it's often not just about winning or losing but continuous improvement. You might start out getting last every game, but maybe after a few months you starting finishing higher even if you're still losing. Are 1v1 and team modes bad then? No, I think classic Quake and UT games do those modes extremely well. But maybe that isn't the path to renew interest in hardcore shooters. There isn't a great competitive free-for-all game on PC... or console for that matter. It's all team games with diluted individual significance. Now imagine if you had an arena shooter that was easy to learn and but gave experienced players a ton of tools to master. Difficult weapons that kill fast so FFA doesn't revolve around kill steals. Movement that is tied to weapons: rocket jumping, stake jumping, plasma climbing, grappling, teleporting into enemies, sliding to build speed (on residue from bio or ice weapons). This way the movement has interesting situational uses without starting out as an ever-present prerequisite to making common jumps and moving at a proper pace for the size of maps (for the record I highly enjoy the movement in Quake). Add a threatening utility weapon that isn't overbearing like the machine gun from Quake to reduce randomness in FFA. Make more diverse powerups common such as cloaking, vampiric damage, extra jumps--things that radically change how you play like Quake's battlesuit that makes you immune to splash damage. A focus on projectile weapons with interesting properties such as velocity inheritance, forward-acceleration for rockets, no railgun, maybe having projectile speed increased by mouse speed prior to firing to encourage higher and more difficult sensitivities and FoV... all so that veterans of the genre would have to learn something new for a change instead of playing the exact same games for the last 15 years. The strafe acceleration could be fine-tuned to encourage bluffing with strafing back or stopping completely (achieved with initially similar but distinct acceleration curves), as well as enable one player to outstrafe two players oriented at 90° to each other by adding acceleration boosts to orthogonal acceleration inputs (achieved by adding a term to the magnitude of acceleration based on the cross-product of instant velocity and instant acceleration input). The old arena shooters are hard to master but also hard to get into. The new "arena shooters" (arena-lite if you ask me) are possibly[?] slightly easier to get into but also not fun once you learn how the game works. What hasn't been tried is a genuine, intelligent effort to make a legitimately new arena game that is simple to pick up but only gets deeper as you progress in skill, with a focus on free-for-all.
  19. I think it’s something like [ media ] insert link [ / media ] Lemme try https://www.twitch.tv/videos/218545676?t=07h46m39s%22%5Dhttps://www.twitch.tv/videos/218545676?t=07h46m39s Edit: Never mind I think this only works for twitter/youtube
  20. To be clear on how this has progressed: • Some people said a port without aim assist / bullet magnetism still wouldn’t be fun and would need significant changes to weapon balancing and shooting mechanics. • Other people say that’s ridiculous while also agreeing with most of the changes but saying they’re not that significant. What I think we can agree on: relatively slow projectiles for rifles and a sniper RoF nerf. What I have suggested: clicking very quickly (~0.3s interval) with a mouse is missing something to make it satisfying and not feel mundane, such as a slower RoF (about .4 - .5s) combined with projectile velocity inheritance. People could only come up with one example of a fast-shooting semi-auto feeling good on PC, McCree in Overwatch, so I checked some gameplay and it seemed the weapon shot once every .4 to .5 seconds. That’s reasonable. Someone suggested having super fast ADAD strafing to make strafe battles fun, but I think there is a way that feels more like Halo where you have to think about placing your shots instead of just reacting and moving your mouse. The great thing about Halo 1 is there are about four things you have to consider when shooting your opponent besides where he is: travel time, your strafe vector, how fast your reticle is sweeping across the screen, and where to aim on the head to maximize the chance of a headshot. Only the first two could apply, so I think both need to be taken advantage of. As for the point about sniper, the main difference between the input methods is that you can noscope with a sniper with relative ease using a mouse, so descoping a sniper doesn’t do much. So making the sniper shoot slower to be more punishing would be more balanced and more satsifying than the classic 0.7s shot interval. I think the point about the sniper having a disadvantage in strafe battles is mostly irrelevant because good snipers tend to catch their opponents off-guard. Reduce the shot interal of the sniper to at least one second and that becomes relevant now. Otherwise you get two free body shots before they can react and turn in 0.7 seconds.
  21. I’m paraphrasing here, but in a GDC talk some Bungie designer essentially said it didn’t feel like Halo. But melee lunge, that definitely feels like Halo
  22. But you can build with separate settings in mind without making the base game (casual settings) unplayable. There’s a name for that, it’s called Halo 4. Tons of crazy gametypes are fun in Halo 1 because the basic mechanics are fun/satisfying. I can’t say the same for custom gametypes in Halo 4/5, and I wouldn’t want that to be the future of casual Halo even if we got another NBNS-style update for a couple competitive playlists in return.
  23. Controllers with no aim assist are harder to aim with than mice with no aim assist. That gives you the ability to have a sniper that isn’t easy at close range, for example. You can basically customize how difficult it is to shoot different weapons with aim assist, but it’s already pretty easy to shoot with a mouse and you can’t modify that in the same ways.
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