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  1. I'm really disappointed with how you've changed ever since hanging out with @TheIcePrincess. She's had a clear negative impact on you and I don't think you would be posting such toxicity otherwise. Bring back 2015 BEAST.
  2. I just need to know if I should continue to care about Halo. If Infinite’s bad then at least it’s closure. Edit: actually I just need to know if it has potential, i.e. a straight shooting utility gun with a decent margin for missing. I have no faith in vanilla settings lol
  3. GRsmash coming in clutch for the uprising
  4. The simple reason why we don’t get answers from 343 employees who visit is that we ask the hard questions. That’s why I respect Josh Holmes for his “immersion” post despite not agreeing with what his team decided on. He knew we would grill him, but posted here anyway. I also like to think he chose not to come back not just because he was leaving to make his own studio, but because he knew we were right and couldn’t do a thing about it.
  5. Points of clarification which most people probably know: H2’s base movement speed is actually a bit slower than H1/H3’s, and the spartan laser shoots 5 times every trigger release, which may make travel time appear longer.
  6. That would make sense. Maybe the delay is a little higher since I’m still waiting for bullets from 2014 to deliver damage.
  7. H2A’s strafe acceleration is significantly worse than OG so I’d guess that’s the leading factor.
  8. I think the theme here is that that’s how it was in H4. The BR in H2A just has a lot less spread.
  9. I completely agree. Halo has always been about the better player winning, which is why I should be able to run away from a losing engagement no matter what because I’m the best. And managing a resource like health is needlessly complicated—it takes away from several aspects of the nuanced metagame, including but not limited to “holding forward.”
  10. They may have changed it from this, but bullet magnetism in MCC CE is wack. In OG, bullets magnetize toward the target’s center of mass (roughly) at a constant rate over time. In MCC, they jarringly magnetize to the center of the piece of armor that was near the unaltered bullet path. This means sometimes the bullet will make a beeline for that piece of armor and get blocked by a wall or lip. Often happens when firing upward at someone. Halo PC basically removes all the interesting gunplay mechanics from OG (including reticle lag from the 180 glitch, which is a really cool “feature”), so it becomes pretty easy on PC even with a controller based on my playtime with both. Haven’t played since 2014, but MCC is like that except with weird network behavior and screwed up bullet magnetism (not to mention anti-aim which I think was patched a couple times). I really don’t blame people for disliking H1 based on their experience with MCC.
  11. 100% the first option. We've always (H4 excluded) been able to remove stuff from the game. Adding something genuinely good is what's been missed. I'd be fine playing customs for the game's entire lifespan while they play with abilities in tournaments. Unlike some most people, apparently, I think it's more important to enjoy what you play rather than what you watch.
  12. My point is that it means just as much as the Infinite tech demo, if not more.
  13. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Frank O'Connor say a year or two ago that the next game would "use Halo 5's gameplay as a base," or something like that? I think everyone just wanted to forget about that and hope for the best.
  14. In Halo, the devs call aim assist—friction (red reticle) and snapping—“magnetism.” They call bullet magnetism “auto aim.” Imo lots of aim assist in a console game is fine, it just helps bad players get mostly on target, which is good enough against other bad players who can’t strafe. The problem is that getting mostly on target is already super easy for experienced players even on opponents with a killer strafe, so having too much bullet magnetism makes it effortless and uninteresting. But normal aim assist doesn’t give you free shots on a good strafe if done right. Ideally you would have a small amount of bullet magnetism at long range so your utility weapon can still threaten to punish, but have the bullet magnetism decrease to zero up close since it’s harder to run away from a close-quarters engagement.
  15. Idk.. wouldn’t removing sprint make Halo less accessible? I mean Fortnite is the most popular game ever and it has sprint
  16. It would be nice if they patched H2A’s BR and Sniper. That level of bullet magnetism is simply unnecessary in this day and age. But I’ve been saying so since summer 2014.
  17. He’s the best in 64, worst in Melee, and close to the bottom after that if we’re going off tier lists. I was a Kirby main in Smash 4 and I’m kind of glad he’s not super good since he’s really easy to pick up and play. But at the same time, you could say that about lots of characters. He escapes most combos but doesn’t have a good approach.
  18. Please try to be a little more woke, Lemon.
  19. Ultimately though I can appreciate the Ice Princess’s sentiment that the game should still be functional without an intentionally OP incentive like the rocket launcher—if that’s not a misrepresentation. It just depends on having a fast-killing utility weapon with a decent skill curve, decent maps, and a good supply of objective gametypes, all of which were at least partially missing at Halo 5’s launch (and before) or still are. That’s the common ground in this conversation.
  20. The options were changed to thruster, hardlight, and hologram. Jetpack was the only other armor ability, which was found on Station 9 (the GOAT map). I think I saw hologram used once, about as many times as I saw someone get killed by the falling ordnance.
  21. I won't deny that an objective is a better movement incentive, but I'm struggling to see how Rockets make turtling an easier strategy in a symmetric gametype. If you sit back with a power weapon, you sacrifice control over future power weapon spawns; the situation will snowball and the defenders will be overwhelmed. The exception is braindead weapons like the Sniper, which serve no purpose imo. They're meant to punish you for camping, just like grenades, but let's not open that can of Lekgolo again.
  22. Power weapons/items are a necessary evil in an otherwise fair/balanced/neutral game, imo. But they’re supposed to be offset by a competent utility weapon, and since the main purpose is just to encourage conflict, you only really need one or two for that besides powerups. Rockets and maybe Sword to add a very different dynamic. The idea of having 7 guaranteed-kill weapons is asinine, though. It’s completely a function of (1) being afraid to give good players a deadly precision weapon off spawn and (2) being afraid to include “powerful” weapons that bad players can’t wreck with instantly. It reminds me of the sentiment that a sidearm (the pistol) shouldn’t be powerful. On the other extreme, a big weapon should give you an insurmountable advantage with no tradeoffs, obviously.
  23. If they’re having an internal tournament already, maybe that means they didn’t waste time trying to reinvent the series’ base mechanics again. Meaning it’s either no-abilities or exactly like H5.
  24. Yeah, I can see what you mean with Simon/Richter Belmont. The axe is pretty annoying. It seems that the go-to option for making a new character is giving them two or more projectiles. At the same time I’m not sure if they’re any more annoying than Kirby in S64, Puff in Melee, or Sonic (one example) in Smash 4.
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