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  1. Maybe the UNSC is phasing in composites
  2. As I was thinking about this, it wouldn’t work with Halo’s traditional linear campaign where you can go back and play things out of order since it would feel weird to suddenly lose access to abilities, but it could work in a more open world game. In the H4’s GDC postmortem, Josh Holmes said they wanted Chief to transform to have all these Forerunner abilities so the game felt completely different for the last few levels, essentially adding mechanics like Metroid but all at once. My actual prediction is the return of classic movement + sprint as well as armor abilities. Warzone/Firefight/Invasion have loadouts while Arena modes have armor ability pickups. For better or for worse.
  3. That’s because you gain different abilities throughout the game. It will be a Metroidvania.
  4. December 2020 release means a public beta on PC for summer 2020 (announced at E3 next year) which means gameplay is shown at Pax East at the latest.
  5. This place is looking like Halo Fans Anonymous right now lmao
  6. Custom campaign settings would be sick, especially for machinimas and doing dumb challenges in co-op. Just make it unlock after you complete the story so people don’t ruin their own experience round one. If the devs actually want people to choose their loadout for a specific level/area, just have an armory room—it’s more immersive anyway. Generally people would try to find the lamest way to play though and it’s eaaier to design around a known starting loadout. One of the reasons I enjoy Halo 1’s campaign is that precision weapons are precious, you’re forced to try different strategies, and no single weapon combo will feel ideal on a level with both covies and flood.
  7. This would be alt fire for the sniper rifle. Here me out. You have the option of firing a standard bullet or a hacking bullet. If you get a headshot with the hacking bullet, it embeds in the victim's brain but won't kill them fully. Now you have to hack their brain. At this point you are unable to control your character, which adds to the risk vs reward. The screen is replaced by a hacking game you have to complete. If you succeed, then you return to controlling your character, and alt fire button will kill the other player at any point in time. This allows for strategic plays where you can keep an enemy player alive and sabotage them at the perfect time, like during a flag cap. You might be wondering that it would be obvious when a player has used alt fire on you because they're standing still, but that's where the meta comes in. You could intentionally hit your opponent in the neck reason to get a bodyshot, then stand still for a few moments. They will think you've hacking them, while you're really just inside there head. It's the ultimate mind game. I also drew a picture in MS Paint of what the hacking game would look like:
  8. None of these ideas are being looked at, but while we’re fantasizing, I was thinking about that old idea of making sprint purely aesthetic—after moving at same velocity for a few seconds, the field of view would increase by a couple degrees and small streamlines would appear at the edge of the visor. But you could do something similar with thruster pack. With increased air control, changing direction in the air could be accompanied by a dull hum of thrusters, which would sound super sick with directional sound. This would only be audible to the user to prevent it from ruining stealthy plays. If you slammed the stick from one side to the other during full speed strafing, the thrusters could pulse. Maybe this would encourage unskilled players to strafe. Taking this further, you could introduce a new mechanic: fast falling. Holding crouch right after the peak of your jump would send you downward a little faster with a pulse of the thrusters. This could also make crouch jumping more difficult and rewarding (but also maybe tedious if the timing is too tight). If you pressed jump + crouch to short hop, you could fast fall for a new strafing tactic, “shffling.” Obviously these ideas would never be implemented, and I would want an on/off option for the aesthetic effects in settings. But I think there are ways to make the game feel immersive and modern without adding power fantasy buttons that usually strip away power. If everyone’s super, no one will be.
  9. The only way Halo dies is for it to spawn a spiritual successor to continue its legacy. That is to say, for Halo to be dad.
  10. Didn’t know we were allowed to post porn on this forum
  11. Low-skill players don't like fighting against precision weapons because of the constant pressure. You're always under the threat of being melted by a "laser beam" pistol or rifle. The same feeling can be produced with an AR that is too effective. If low-skill players are complaining about the precision weapons being too powerful relative to automatics, the solution is not to buff the AR but to make the precision weapons more difficult to use. The ideal way to "balance" the starting weapons to maximize player happiness would be to tune weapon win rate to be approximately equal to weapon usage rate for a particular skill percentile. The boundary conditions are to satisfy the potato thumb crowd with enough ease of use for the AR and the MLG pro crowd with the ability to kill people effectively. If you equated damage output to sweatiness, which people only want in small doses, then the sweatiness of a match with even-skilled players might look like this (green line). I'm assuming that the worst player uses the AR 100% of the time and the best player uses it never. To do this properly, you would need to study the actual weapon usage rate vs skill (which is tricky because skill is dependent on the weapon balance) and tune the damage and difficulty curve of each weapon to reinforce the behavior you observe. It's kind of silly to have this conversation because everything is relative and we're not talking about damage/spread/autoaim values, that's why I thought it would be funny to make a graph of it. In the end, the main thing that needs to be balanced is how effective something is for the requisite skill--and any weapon in the game could violate that balance.
  12. Yes, because it makes the game sweatier. When a low-skill weapon becomes viable, the skill curve is compressed and low-skilled players become better at the game and closer to each other in skill. That makes every match in the game more “competitive,” i.e. more closely contested. It’s similar to introducing radar or easy escape options.
  13. Just get rid of grenades and rockets and your hitmarkers issue goes away
  14. If he’d switched to the pistol that match, he might not have gotten a single kill. In other matches the number of kills he gets is probably higher, which justifies sticking to the AR. From his perspective, it would make no sense to choose the option he believes is less reliable (the more difficult weapon). From the perspective of someone who has never practiced with the pistol, the expected payoff must seem extremely low especially since the concept of personal improvement is nonexistent with these players. Edit: I thought you were talking about H5 not H1 lmao. Never mind
  15. It’s not a huge mystery. Automatic weapons will yield kills occasionally, even if they’re the inferior weapons in most situations. Ever wonder why many players (even skilled ones) tend to charge in for the kill repeatedly? They’re just looking for that next victory, like playing a slot machine. It’s essentially a Skinner box—the same brainless task is rewarded at intervals and the subject becomes dependent. Also factor in humans’ tendency to recall good memories more often than bad ones. This is particularly pronounced in Halo players.
  16. Did you write yours on why Invasion should return?
  17. I see this working better as an interactive map element than a piece of equipment. There could be a tram housing a teleporter exit that slides back and forth between the bases. A switch at the center point would move the tram to the opposite base. If one still played Halo 5, one could test out this idea.
  18. As someone who identifies as an attack helicopter, I find that idea deeply offensive.
  19. Who even zooms in with the sniper anymore lol
  20. Y’all disappoint me. Can’t wait until we get some controversial info at E3 so there’s something to talk about. Something juicy like recharging grenades.
  21. Prerelease footage of Halo CE with “ADS” at 1:55. Makes you wonder if this is something they wanted to implement but couldn’t, or something they always intended to replace with the now classic scoped view.
  22. There's zero chance plasma freeze returns. One, it wouldn't be in campaign and 343 would fall back on their claim that campaign and multiplayer shouldn't have distinct mechanics. Two, it would never get past focus testing. The only reason I like it in H1 is you can usually pistol them. If they go for body shots, you have enough time to 3sk. If they go for headshots, you can duck out of the plasma stun. If you've never played Quake, the knockback from the plasma gun isn't enough to feel jarring. It's barely enough to break gravity. I'm also of the opinion that the existence of the Prometheans in this series should depend on whether they bring anything interesting to gameplay.
  23. So just don't put it on that map, no big deal. But plasma climbing damages you just like nade jumping so it's not something you always want to do like smart-link jumping in H5. Halo's movement is pretty boring compared to a lot of shooters, and I think attaching movement tech to weapons is the best way to increase the movement skill gap.
  24. Plasma weapons already have slight splash damage, so it wouldn't be a stretch to add increased knockback to allow plasma climbing as has been said. It would also make the plasma weapons feel more powerful without just increasing damage and aim assist. The plasma rifle could allow for longer climbs, and maybe the overcharged plasma pistol would have a lot more knockback at the expense of stripping your shields. I like the idea of adding stuff that enables more displays of skill instead of adding for the sake of it.
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