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  1. Right now the aim assist of the Beam Rifle is ridiculous. It takes no skill to dome someone unscoped. We know 343 can fix it; they suggested the nerf themselves. So why wasn't it fixed on June 3rd? It's practically a one-shot kill DMR with infinite ammo in Snipers. I want it fixed. I want the Beam Rifle I once knew, the one that was challenging yet rewarding. What say you?
  2. I like the Predator idea. Maybe, since most if not all of the games already in Action Sack are team-based, there could be two teams: Aliens and Predators. The Aliens have Energy Swords, Speed Boost, and Thruster Pack; the Predators have Railguns, Promethean Vision, and Camo as a trait. All players spawn with swords, but the Predator spawn room has Railguns; each spawn room has the appropriate Armor Abilities. Speed Boost and Camp could be given to players independently via team-specific trait zones. It would be a two-round minigame.
  3. 1. Snipe-a-Mole 2. Musical chairs: KotH variant. Start in a flat plane; after ten seconds a teleporter spawns in transporting all players to a similar plane with many crates. The only way to be in the hill is to stand on the crates. Then another teleporter spawns in sending players to a similar plane with fewer crates. The number of crates gets smaller and smaller until it's a mob of players scrambling on top of just one crate. 3. Slender on a very small forest/cave map. Shorter time limit to alleviate impatience. 4.Paintball CTF to replace/supplement Lightning CTF. 5. Speedrun by Pete the Duck (PeteTheDuckTV on YouTube). 6. Husky Raid (insanely chaotic Fiesta Flag). 7. Bomberman: Humans are in high-floating Ghosts; the Flood have to jump up to explode mines and kill the humans. 8. Dodgeball with stickies (THFE featured a Christmas edition several months ago). 9. Star Wars race by Ducain23 (might be breakable). 10. Cat 'n Mouse if someone has remade it yet. Check out the Reach original on TheHaloForgeEpidemic.
  4. I doubt we'll get any more maps. Microsoft signs the check for Certain Affinity to make maps, and I'm pretty they've abandoned Halo 4 as a means to make money.
  5. @Fyrecide When they were testing the 4sk BR, it destroyed every other load-out weapon at any range. So they slowed down the fire rate. That helped a bit, but it still beat out the DMR and LR in many long range situations. After this they reduced the red reticule range, which let the other weapons "shine" as well as speed up map flow. Because Halo 4's hitscan system is so good compared to previous titles, it was necessary to decrease efficiently at range. Otherwise the BR would be the DMR in a different skin.
  6. @PP While "little" people don't like the new additions, unfortunately the "big" people do (I know that's not quite what you meant). @OP Remakes would be nice, but ultimately they are not needed as we have Forge; they wouldn't play well with the new mechanics, as PP said. The maps need to be adapted to Halo 4, but a little inspiration wouldn't hurt. I'm talking to you, Construct.
  7. @kkrotz Before truly good small maps are made, there needs to be no default sprint. Having more options creates so many more options.
  8. Things that should happen in Halo 4: -smaller hitboxes -lower auto aim angle -reduced RRR (especially on unscoped snipers) Things that should happen in future games: -instantaneous shift in strafing -fewer random factors in bullet placement Summary: We need fast kill times and low aim assist. This will create balance among common skill levels as well as a high skill gap, which is more rewarding than an easy game. "A skillful game is a better game."
  9. I reckon we'll see something to do with "Bootcamp" at E3 as well as the TV series. I'm not going to buy Spassault right away but rather wait to see if 343i add multiplayer. If they do, it could be an interesting expansion to Halo. Really, it's not a bad idea. This time, however, Microsoft's marketing method might maim them. Sh*t. I just figured out that Spassault IS Bootcamp. There goes E3. Source: http://blogs.halowaypoint.com/Headlines/post/2013/06/5/The-Halo-Bulletin-6513.aspx
  10. Whether he's working for CA or not, I wonder what project he's working on. Having someone so friendly and supportive of the community makes me really stoked for whatever he's involved in.
  11. @Heroic Yes, that's exactly what the community needs! At its height, BTB has around 10,000 players at a time, and Infinity Slayer has nearly 7,000. Yet Team Throwdown hovers around 700 at its highest. If we can "bridge" that gap, give the casual community a taste of competitive play and provide a reliable casual playlist for competitive players, then the matchmaking scene will benefit hugely. I agree that it should be like Halo 3 with AR/Mag starts and primary rifles supplied through world ordnance. Perhaps there could be a similar set of "pro" armor abilities (Thruster Pack, Hardlight Shield, Hologram) to make competitive players feel more at home and to expose casual players to Throwdown's system.
  12. @Sam I meant Haven is like Midship in that anything can be played on it: Slayer, CTF, KotH, Extraction... It's a solid map and deserves being credited--he does.
  13. Going off what AboveInfinity said, the maps are very good. In fact, it's not the maps that are the problem; it's the game types. I can destroy the essence of Big Team Battle with arguably the most evil thing to come to Halo: Custom load-outs. DMR/Light Rifle: Stultifies and suppresses map movement, promotes infantry camping. Plasma Pistol: Makes vehicles extremely vulnerable to hijacking and grenade-planting. 2x Plasma grenades: Makes driving vehicles suicide. I don't mean to turn this into a rant against Halo 4 multiplayer. Kynan did a great job; it's not necessarily his fault that some of the maps play poorly.
  14. I've heard different rumors about the multiplayer situation. Could anyone clarify this issue?
  15. @VelociT Good point; I was simply trying to list maps that most everyone would know, but it's true that those maps do not incorporate the natural terrain, although he probably had a lot to do with the new pallets. To reinforce my point, those matchmaking and Forge canvases have been the outlet of creativity for hundreds of players. Take Forge Island, a gigantic sandbox full of natural items and new opportunities. Kynan didn't need to make it--he wasn't even getting paid. It was a gift to the community. I'm genuinely thankful for that and his other work. Without his effort, aPK's remake of "Sanctuary" wouldn't be nearly as beautiful or playable (due to reduced framerate lag). I'm sad he's leaving but also hopeful for his endeavors.
  16. @VelociT Exactly, the maps will have to be modified. Otherwise we'd be stuck playing four maps in one playlist. Legendary Slayer is slated to arrive in late June, so I doubt they would have time to test no-sprint. Also, you probably haven't played that mod with 4sk settings. The new weapons tunings can hinder map movement and make games drag on, most noticeably in objective game types (CTF & KotH). Maps need to be tested; sightlines need to be shortened and tac-jumps adjusted.
  17. @Faith It's kind of arrogant and unnappreciative to say that. Who do you think made Haven, the Halo 4 equivalent of Midship? Who helped design the Forge maps, without which we wouldn't have solid maps like Simplex and remakes like Shutout? Show some respect.
  18. I'm really grateful that he made Forge Island for us. That alone has added months of replay value, potential, creativity, and complexity to the game. Thank you, Kynan.
  19. @VelociT Heroic makes a good point, actually. Very few maps are actually compatible with no sprint. Without sprint, a lot of maps are riddled with "dead zones" that make even casual play suffer. And no, just adjusting the speed to 120% won't fix it.
  20. Elamite never left. He plays BTB scrims mainly.
  21. I'm actually hoping for it to be an unranked playlist. I know at least a dozen people who make new accounts just because ranked playlists can get so frustrating. They said at GDC that it would be a fusion of Throwdown and Infinity Slayer, so there go the chances of it having no ordnance. Load-outs are a different question entirely.
  22. Dual wielding, support weapons, and equipment should return because they enrich projects in machinimas and custom games; they add variety to the sandbox. However, Sprint should return as an armor ability.
  23. I really must thank 343 for fixing my one, my only, my Carbine.
  24. Good point, Kat. Sprint is no longer the all-purpose option that has allowed the weaker player to escape. Even so, it still wreaks havoc with designing maps. In order to have a no-sprint mod in v5, a whole new set of maps needs to be forged. The only ones that work for sure with no-sprint are Haven, Skyline, and Monolith. On some Forge maps like Simplex, the jumps don't work, or the gameplay is slow, or the pacing is all wrong. A no-sprint v5 has to come before those maps can be made.
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