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  1. @Faith It's kind of arrogant and unnappreciative to say that. Who do you think made Haven, the Halo 4 equivalent of Midship? Who helped design the Forge maps, without which we wouldn't have solid maps like Simplex and remakes like Shutout? Show some respect.
  2. I'm really grateful that he made Forge Island for us. That alone has added months of replay value, potential, creativity, and complexity to the game. Thank you, Kynan.
  3. @VelociT Heroic makes a good point, actually. Very few maps are actually compatible with no sprint. Without sprint, a lot of maps are riddled with "dead zones" that make even casual play suffer. And no, just adjusting the speed to 120% won't fix it.
  4. Elamite never left. He plays BTB scrims mainly.
  5. I'm actually hoping for it to be an unranked playlist. I know at least a dozen people who make new accounts just because ranked playlists can get so frustrating. They said at GDC that it would be a fusion of Throwdown and Infinity Slayer, so there go the chances of it having no ordnance. Load-outs are a different question entirely.
  6. Dual wielding, support weapons, and equipment should return because they enrich projects in machinimas and custom games; they add variety to the sandbox. However, Sprint should return as an armor ability.
  7. I really must thank 343 for fixing my one, my only, my Carbine.
  8. Good point, Kat. Sprint is no longer the all-purpose option that has allowed the weaker player to escape. Even so, it still wreaks havoc with designing maps. In order to have a no-sprint mod in v5, a whole new set of maps needs to be forged. The only ones that work for sure with no-sprint are Haven, Skyline, and Monolith. On some Forge maps like Simplex, the jumps don't work, or the gameplay is slow, or the pacing is all wrong. A no-sprint v5 has to come before those maps can be made.
  9. This game could be so much better with even less aim assist. Speaking of which, whatever happened to the Beamer nerf?
  10. I've been using the Carbine since Halo 2. I'm so glad they gave it the buff it needed. Interesting fact: The Battle Rifle used to be a single-shot weapon, but then it was changed to a burst. Bungie loved the original so much that they brought it back in a Covie skin: The Carbine. Some say it predates the BR...
  11. @iRGush I don't know...have you checked out the Carbine recently?
  12. Something I've noticed and something xClicked touched on in his latest video is decreased overall map movement. I don't known if it's just a apprehension of the new settings or the fear of getting slaughtered by that Battle Rifle. I really can't say anything conclusive this early on, but I'm thinking that mandatory Assault Rifle load-outs could be beneficial on the casual-competitive side of things--Throwdown and all that should stick with the Battle Rifle, of course. We love our mid-range rifles; I think the incentive to earn one, instead of being gifted an all-purpose death machine in the beginning of the match, could propel game play forward and make players MOVE.
  13. @VelociT But now that concept is working against a dedicated group, the montage community. It's hard to be impressed by a "snapshot" when it's so easy to pull off. We need auto aim to GTFO!
  14. Good observations. I think now that the rifles are so deadly, the aim assist should be decreased. I don't mean the RRR necessarily, but the amount of auto aim/bullet magnetism should be decreased. Overall, a more skillful game will play faster and be more satisfying. Thanks for posting the numbers. Also, wtf on the unscoped Sniper?

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