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  1. I agree with what some people here have said. Without radar, some skill is taken away from engagements. In a lot of situations reaction is more important than skill; whoever gets the first shot off will most likely win. That's not what this game's multiplayer has ever been about. Sure, in team games the lack of radar promotes communication and coordination, but success in FFA is determined by who can deal with the situation most effectively. The lack of radar adds randomness to those situations. The real question is should players have the power to mask their presence from the radar by crouching. It encourages stagnant gameplay, slows down map movement, and takes away actual skill from engagements. --- This is relatively unrelated to the radar topic, but I feel that in FFA game types (particularly Rumble Pro) the perk "Shielding" should be added to each preset load-out. In team-based games, it takes coordination and communication to clean up a one-shot. In FFA, however, there is no communication. Say two people are filing it out with Battle Rifles. The one out-BRs the other but is stripped of his shields. Then another player pops out three seconds later and gets the easy kill. Where was the skill in that? The player who earned his kill was punished for actually standing his ground, fighting, and winning. This is completely different from stealing kills, which punishes players for either not finishing kills or starting battles that shouldn't happen. The Shielding perk can reward the better player, especially in this doomed age of instant respawn. In addition to this, Shielding reduces the time someone is one-shot, which means players can get back into the action faster without having to wait for those sluggish shields to recharge, speeding up game play further. --- Maybe I should make a separate thread for this. A poll? Let me see a show of hands.
  2. ^ Instead the opponents name shows up no matter how far away you are, and the margin for looking at it is quite wide. --- A simple way to make colors more visible without mods is to place team-specific trait zones that make players glow red/blue. That way the game type doesn't have to be derived from mods. Makes no difference, though--it's just more convenient.
  3. Has anyone else seen that mod for darker armor colors? It looks so much better than the lightish-red/blue (lol RvB reference) colors that blend into the landscape.
  4. I don't think this merits an entire thread but rather some discussion. What do you think it is that makes Halo 4 feel different? For me it is the sound design. It's incredible, but it's so different. Reach feels more like Halo to be partly because a lot of it sounds like the other games. Remember that one sound when you're loading a game: "Boop...Boop...Boop...BOOP"? It's different now. The same goes for the shield Regen. It sounds too synthetic, whereas before it sounded...good. And why would they think that using actual gun sounds would make it better? Halo has never been about being realistic. Anyone who thinks it has has never dropped from the top of Sandtrap and received no fall damage, never been killed by a shot to the foot, never fallen into a small pond and died. Using the original sound design would be a simple way to return the feel of Halo.
  5. I think the Beamer might have bullet velocity, which doesn't make any sense. Could that be the reason shots don't register a lot of the time?
  6. Right now the aim assist of the Beam Rifle is ridiculous. It takes no skill to dome someone unscoped. We know 343 can fix it; they suggested the nerf themselves. So why wasn't it fixed on June 3rd? It's practically a one-shot kill DMR with infinite ammo in Snipers. I want it fixed. I want the Beam Rifle I once knew, the one that was challenging yet rewarding. What say you?
  7. The sounds, the atmosphere, the music... Never forget.
  8. @Hollis Go play modded customs, ya shank
  9. @Arsenist I think you mean the CE Pistol is the most powerful weapon.
  10. @sk0ls I agree; I've been playing since H2 and even then people were complaining it wasn't as good as CE because of the lack of a proper assault rifle. These pointless arguments will never stop. Mark my words...
  11. Didn't Roy have one of the best Snipers in Reach? I remember Instinct destroying every other team. But then again, wouldn't any team destroy if it had him, Lunchbox, and Pistola? I want them to team in Halo 4.
  12. So maybe you could organize a "Populate Halo 3 Day" instead of whining how your favorite game is dead.
  13. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but here goes: I'm making a poll series on the 343industries community forum that pits elements of Halo against each other, revealing what the community wants. For instance, six people voted for the Falcon and six voted for the Hornet in Volume I: Vehicles. The other two haven't received quite so much attention (though the first went over well), so I thought I'd link you to the latest one--Versus Volume III: Forge Pallets. In order to vote, you need to sign up on the forum (haha that was my evil plan all along!), but I'm considering transferring part of the series over onto this forum or releasing exclusive voting opportunities. And plus, some of the ideas in the latest one are pretty innovative. http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/29355-versus-volume-iii-forge-pallets/
  14. I've found a nice Nuketown remake. I think its design can be tweaked subtly. For instance, the buses can be replaced with those large crates you can walk through, acting as both line-of-sight breakers and alternative pathing. It might play well with CTF or KotH, but Slayer, Extraction, and Oddball are no-nos. I'll post a link to the video once I get access to a computer.
  15. The main problem I see with throwing the ball is players throwing it off the map when threatened. I'm pretty sure gravity volumes affect the ball (might be on PeteTheDuckTV's channel), so maybe that could limit the height of the ball around ledges. Maps would have to be enclosed, which would eat up budget. One solution would be to build Assault maps on the Grifball court (Erosion) and have lots of high-placed structures And downward-facing gravity volumes limiting the height/mobility of thrown balls. Another issue with this game type is that apparently (according to Psychoduck-I came up with this idea months ago) weapons cannot be placed on the map using Grifball as a base. Power weapons are not a requirement, though. The Grifball court is definitely our best bet for Assaut maps.
  16. Oh yeah, I remember this. Super tactical yet ridiculous.
  17. I guess it might require a title update, but I haven't seen proof of that. Perhaps they only developed the back-end tuning for the primary weapons, which makes sense as they are the most used and most important. New question: Should it be changed in Halo 5 (sorry, the "next Halo")--along with the Sniper Rifle--to have a shorter RRR? Because right now it's technically easier to dome someone with the Beamer than it is with a Battle Rifle at a range of 38000 (BR's RRR cuts out at 28000 I think).
  18. Yeah, I myself have not voted yet. I'm still waiting for E3 for news on a possible(?) 2013/2014 Halo game. I've heard that PS4 will get exclusive DLC (unconfirmed) because they have supported Bungie/Activision so much with testing and Playstation events. Maybe next-gen, maybe 360. I don't know...
  19. This isn't related to news, but which platform will you play Destiny on based on the information we know? Feel free to explain your reasoning or perhaps why you haven't decided yet.
  20. I like the Predator idea. Maybe, since most if not all of the games already in Action Sack are team-based, there could be two teams: Aliens and Predators. The Aliens have Energy Swords, Speed Boost, and Thruster Pack; the Predators have Railguns, Promethean Vision, and Camo as a trait. All players spawn with swords, but the Predator spawn room has Railguns; each spawn room has the appropriate Armor Abilities. Speed Boost and Camp could be given to players independently via team-specific trait zones. It would be a two-round minigame.
  21. 1. Snipe-a-Mole 2. Musical chairs: KotH variant. Start in a flat plane; after ten seconds a teleporter spawns in transporting all players to a similar plane with many crates. The only way to be in the hill is to stand on the crates. Then another teleporter spawns in sending players to a similar plane with fewer crates. The number of crates gets smaller and smaller until it's a mob of players scrambling on top of just one crate. 3. Slender on a very small forest/cave map. Shorter time limit to alleviate impatience. 4.Paintball CTF to replace/supplement Lightning CTF. 5. Speedrun by Pete the Duck (PeteTheDuckTV on YouTube). 6. Husky Raid (insanely chaotic Fiesta Flag). 7. Bomberman: Humans are in high-floating Ghosts; the Flood have to jump up to explode mines and kill the humans. 8. Dodgeball with stickies (THFE featured a Christmas edition several months ago). 9. Star Wars race by Ducain23 (might be breakable). 10. Cat 'n Mouse if someone has remade it yet. Check out the Reach original on TheHaloForgeEpidemic.

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