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  1. I am *more* excited for Destiny for three reasons: 1. It should be fresh, whereas Halo changes little in terms of game-play. 2. We've seen actual game-play from Destiny; the Halo trailer was purely cinematic. 3. I'm calling the "Bungie fanboy card." - - - - - - - However, this does not mean that I am not excited for Halo; you might want to add more options for games to select. My suggestions are: Battlefront III, Titanfall, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed 4, Dead Rising 3, and... Oh, why not?--Halo: Spartan Assault.
  2. You might want to update the title of this thread; right now it says "X1 and PC only', which is untrue, although you have the correct information in the body of the OP.
  3. I think it would be nice to have an arena-style competitive multiplayer mode in Destiny, but really it's just icing on the cake. If you're buying Destiny solely for competitive multiplayer, you're getting it for the wrong reason.
  4. Hm. So it's a possibility but not necessarily a priority.
  5. I can't think of a reason to buy a next generation console at the moment. The only game I would play on Xone is Halo 5, but the game won't come out for a long time. I might just get Destiny for the 360 to be honest.
  6. The overarching problem with Halo 4 is that it's too limiting. No control over sprint, instant flag pickup, oddball throwing, weapons for flood, or forge budget. The game will be better if the community is given more freedom. Look at Team Throwdown, a successful playlist made by GHO57ayame; or Grifball Hub; or The Halo Forge Epidemic; or HaloCustoms.com( or even Go Beyond Entertainment. Some of the best things come from the community, so if there is more freedom to modify the game and fewer restrictions, then the game will take off. Go community.
  7. Cool story, bro. I mean that in a non-trolling sense.
  8. ^ It's a rough estimate; on November 7th there were 410,000 people online, so I added about a hundred thousand for the people who weren't online that day or played inconsistently. The point is, only a small percentage of all Halo players is made up of multiplayers.
  9. I just realized something that doesn't make any sense--or maybe it does. Halo 4 sold 11.6 million copies on the 360, yet less than 500,000 were ever online. I'm guessing most of those people don't have an Internet connection or they aren't interested in multiplayer. Halo 5 is assumed to be exclusively on the Xbox One, which requires what might as well be a constant Internet connection. So the question is: Why would Microsoft alienate the biggest portion of their fanbase? Is this their final blow in an apparent attempt to kill the community?
  10. I like the little wave Jason did in the beginning. Destiny actually might be good for machinimas... I just hope there's a theater mode. There has to, right?
  11. Pay really close attention to the plants in the gameplay. The pants, too, but mainly the plants. That's SpeedTree at work.
  12. For Destiny or Halo 5? I guess it doesn't really matter; Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) and Pax are this summer. When I was following Halo 4 news there weren't any other events other than the barnhouse leak.
  13. ^ There would be more hype if we had seen more of it. Right now it's too early to start obsessing over details we don't have.
  14. Now the question is who will voice the Hive Queen?
  15. I said I'd decide after E3. And I will, long after --- I know I'm not getting PS4 because all of thegames I want are on Xbox, so it really comes down to the Xbox One: Will it offer a quality experience for gaming? If so, then I'll buy it for X1 and play Destiny until Halo 5 comes out. If not, I might just buy Destiny for 360 and possibly not get Halo 5 or the X1 until the prices have dropped; I mean, seriously--how am I going to afford a $500 console that is on top of the prices of the games I want?
  16. For those of you saying that default sprint in Destiny will be bad for multiplayer, that's a huge assumption. Sprinting is only bad in games with slow killtimes, like Halo. Sprinting generally works in SWAT in Halo because it's impossible to run away from someone who has a good shot. Similarly sprinting works in Call of Duty because the killtimes are superfast. If there were no sprinting in CoD, players wouldn't be punished for being inaccurate at mid-range. We will have to see how PvP will work in Destiny. It could be completely different from Halo in terms of player mechanics, pacing, and killtimes.
  17. ^ Please discuss the presentation rather than argue over meaningless speculations.
  18. Aim Down Sights is confirmed. Looks like there's a Battle Rifle-esque weapon with a 3-shot burst. The Pistol is very powerful, obviously. And notice how he was able to revive his teammate. It looks as though the area is populated with players continuously--populated with "squads" I should say; they seem to function like raiding parties. The Spider Tank (also called "Devil Walker") took a lot of teamwork to take down. Jetpack is confirmed as well as default sprint. Notice what he called a "Ghost". It seemed to be an AI that helps and guides you.
  19. Was it just me or did Assassin's Creed look like it was running poorly on the PS4? I hope the same isn't true for Destiny. -- 7:36 P.M. PST: They're showing off some new Elder Scrolls game. I might as well study for finals until Destiny is shown. It will be the last game of the event, calling it. 7:43 and now they're pooping on Xbox One's DRM and used games policies. You walked into that one, Microsoft.
  20. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR LAME INDIE GAMES. Just gimme Destiny and let me be on my way... --- Edit: These 2D games actually look pretty cool, but seriously, I'm not watching the stream for them.
  21. I was just about to create this thread myself. IT'S LIVE IN ONE MINUTE!!! So excited for this. Edit: I really hope they don't save Destiny for the end. Right now their bragging about their silly PS4, spewing out a steaming pile of feces. And I really don't want to have to listen to their boring commentary for more than 20 minutes. And now they're talking about TV.
  22. Umm spoiler alert? Might be a good idea in the future.
  23. Ahhh... This will be the perfect pick-me-up after finals tomorrow. I am so excited for Destiny right now... I've probably played the musical piece in "The Law of the Jungle" trailer about 27 times by now. Take my money, Bungie.
  24. ^ I know there's a mod that changes the names to be like Halo 2's (grey-blue), so it must be possible to make them invisible. And vaguely remember seeing them in custom game type options, but perhaps that was in Reach. The one thing I truly loved in Reach and miss now is the amount of customization of game types. So much control... So much potential... So much less limiting.... --- Edit: Halo 4's floating names in my eyes slow down gameplay by allowing players to notice far-off moving players, starting cross-map gunfights that cannot be finished, leaving a pointless waste of bullets and shield strength.

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