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  1. Update: I was misinformed; Repopulate Halo 3 Day is July 6th, not July 1st. Lol, it's not my fault (I have proof:)), but now you're extra prepared! Even if the game isn't downloadable by the sixth, you can still show support and have fun while you're at it! Hopefully sometime "starting in July" Halo 3 will have the stable population it and we deserve. I'll try to update the thread title.
  2. If there is a NS playlist, then it will further the disconnect between the casual and competitive players. I'm still waiting for Legendary Slayer, which I hope will bring both sides together. 343 said at GDC that it would be a mix of TTD and IS. There needs to be a transitionary playlist. And I agree with some of the people above me; if NS actually happens, everyone needs to be shouting it everywhere. That means YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, forums... Anyplace you cn get people's attention. It would also be nice if 343 would release an update video, but they rarely take advantage of the +180,000 people subscribed to HaloWaypoint. A change as big as this needs preparation.
  3. I'd restart The Project if Halo 5 or Halo 2 Anniversary have a good turnout. Speaking of which, I should probably make a thread about the latter.
  4. Hm. This could be the turning point for them.
  5. It's certainly difficult to compare these players over five hugely different games.
  6. It needs at least two of the old members. When I think of Instinct back in MLG Reach, I think of Roy and Pistola, but according to OP the latter isn't leaving Ambush anytime soon. So the only other option is for Lunchbox to come back, seeing as 2gre is playing CoD--or maybe that was Ogre 1, I'm a bit forgetful. Classic is a decent enough name for now--just drop the "Pulse".
  7. Releasing it in the summer is a bad idea in my experience. It's better to release it during the school year to take advantage of free advertising provided by the little school children. Releasing on July 4th would be an even worse scenario for everybody. While I am upset that it looks to be coming out layer rather than sooner, I suppose it is for the best. This way Bungie will have loads of time to load their game up with loads of stuffs. There's nothing worse than a rushed game, as in the instance of Halo 4. I realize this date is probably not permanent and set in stone, but it's a definite indication that they realize they are nowhere close to releasing the game. Thanks for the info.
  8. True, they might have scrapped the plans for Faction Wars, but if it does and will exist, there are some possible similarities between it and Planetside. In Planetside 2, there are several factions. It is a gigantic battlefield filled with infantry, vehicular, and aerial combat. It is also a world that continues when you turn off the game--a persistent world. Right now it's the best comparison out there, and think about it; Bungie have been taking things from different games--Halo, CoD, various MMOs--so why not?
  9. @bolded Which the Xbox One now has. The playing field seems pretty level now; the extra $100 might just be worth it for the exclusives: Halo, Titanfall, Project Spark, etc. PS4 doesn't offer a whole lot in my opinion; it's just a souped-up PS3.
  10. I hope Bungie support some form of custom games for Destiny. They really extend the life of a game, but perhaps they already have plans for that, seeing as the last Comet DLC is to be released 2018 or 2020, I can't remember which.
  11. Random thing I just noticed: 343 is 7x7x7. Also a company and the time of day I was born (3:43)... It must be my destiny to work on Halo! I love Bungie's references.
  12. It's a slow week for Destiny news, but that doesn't mean we can't wonder about the endless possibilities! Let's start a discussion: Which place are you most excited for? I'll list some places we know of followed by their (predicted) resident race: 1. Hellmouth, the Moon: the Hive (Space Zombies!) 2. Forbidden Garden, Venus: Vex (Time-traveling robots) 3. Exclusion Zone, Mars: Cabal (Tank creatures) 4. Old Russia, Earth: Fallen
  13. The poll is updated with one new question: "What is your favorite vehicle?" Thanks to Ryan for the suggestion. Now I know they haven't specifically confirmed hijacking vehicles, but I remember in a Mail Sack many moons ago, a Bungie employee said "...but that Fallen Captain isn't going to give up his Pike without a fight." So it's safe to assume we can. - - - - - - - Edit: Hopefully when I'm more awake I can correct the egregious spelling error inthe new question. Oops.
  14. Was the announcement detrimental to the X1 for you or something? I have to admit, I was pretty darn excited for the elimination of getting up to change the disc. Oh well, I suppose it's for the best... Or is it?
  15. This could be a nice play off of Fiesta in Action Sack. 343i have already added one mod to that playlist, so the introduction of this one is not entirely far-fetched.
  16. If only Microsoft had screwed Virgin (lol, that's sounds funny) and kept their contract with MLG. Sure, people would have left because of the game, but maybe more people would have stayed, or more would be compelled to compete. I'm not in anyway complaining about AGL or UMG, because their tournaments are great. We only got one "competition" out of Virgin. I think it's safe to say that that b*tch is infertile. Damn, I have to write that one down ;D
  17. Am I the only one who thinks a female Exo Hunter would be a total badass? That's got to look good for a machinima.
  18. I think Destiny's multiplayer--Faction Wars specifically--will function much like that of Planetside 2.
  19. I think they were referring to Faction Wars when they mentioned competitive multiplayer. However, they said it would be possible to satisfy the needs of a *competitive* gamer, which I interpret as follows: 1. Balance. Balance in load-outs, team positions, and gunplay. 2. Skill curve. This make the game satisfying to be good at. 3. Fast pacing. Not only is a fast-paced game fun to play, but it is fun to watch, which is critical for major tournaments.
  20. danThat it's different from Halo isn't something that will turn off the Halo community; in fact, it's an attractive aspect. Bungie games have always been about bringing people together, whether it be two or 16, and showing them a fun time. danJust because it has element from other shooters doesn't mean Halo players won't like it. I love Halo, but I also love CoD 4, Goldeneye, and Lego Star Wars. "Fun" isn't something peculiar to an individual franchise. Also, I'm not sure what you mean by "hardcore" Halo players. danBungie is creating something new, and frankly, every gamer has a reason to be excited for it. They're bring us a gigantic universe full of infinite possibilities: Intriguing stories; competitive multiplayer; sandbox potential; machinimas; ways to have fun with friends; and a common playspace where everyone has a fair chance. If you think about it, Halo has those things, too. Bungie is simply taking those things, many of them their own inventions, to the next level. We have everything to be excited for; in the end, the title on the box is the last thing anyone cares about.
  21. I'm thinking of adding some questions about the most anticipated races/places (Fallen, Vex, Cabal; Cassini, Old Russia, the City, Hellmouth, Forbidden Garden), but I'm worried that it might screw up the poll. On second thought, that might just be if I accidentally deleted one of the questions, which would make the voting process impossible to complete. - - - - - - - Have any suggestions for questions? Leave them in the comments below!
  22. Thanks for posting this! DeeJ is a really nice guy. I can't believe he only just joined the Bungie crew.
  23. Here's a link to a helpful video that breaks down the possible Guardian abilities for each class: - - - - - - -
  24. There are definitely some similarities between the games. The Viper P3 (Superior Pulse Rifle) is reminiscent of Halo 2's Battle Rifle. There's a motion detector and a Magnum-like weapon, the Duke Mk. 44. The only things that could possibly hinder competitive play are regenerating abilities and class division. Look at the bottom-left of the screen the next time you watch the E3 demo. When the Warlock casts his Solar Flare or Nova Bomb, the ability regenerates surprisingly fast. Perhaps this--like invincibility for Player 1--was instated solely for demonstrative purposes. If so, there might be a way to tweak the abilities so that they do not regenerate as quickly (or not at all); this would obviate space-magic spamming. As far as class division goes, it could be that all competitive players (in order to compete in an event) will be required to choose a common class--say, Human/Male/Warlock--and a vanilla aesthetic appearance. A Bungie representative said that it would be entirely possible to create game modes to suit the "pro" players' needs. Whether they will include "force class" and "force load-out" options or not, we do not know. As some stated previously, "It's too early in the year for cryptic generalizations and speculation". Perhaps more game-play will be revealed at Pax.
  25. Lol, I know what you mean! That is a tough question... Meh, I think I'll pick "Human" just so I can identify more with my character.

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