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  1. I'll just quote myself here in case you missed the post. I think it's a pretty good idea... You?
  2. I'm a bit out of the loop with the whole competitive scene... So who chose the name "Requiem"?
  3. Hm, I guess that makes sense. But then again, who would disagree with you, seeing as you have so many powerful and prominent members of the community on your channel.Anyway, I thought I'd let you know that your Destiny Daily series looks really polished. Unfortunately a lot of people don't follow Destiny news very closely, so they just assume it's a mix of Halo and CoD.
  4. What, did you guys want an identical copy? Lol, go play Halo 3
  5. Don't even reply to this reply before you watch the original trilogy, what the new kids call episodes 4, 5, and 6. Starting with Star Wars: A New Hope, begin on an intergalactic adventure with corny lines, special effects that were spectacular for the time period (a long, long time ago), and the source of 99% of the world's nerds. I promise, you'll be thanking me later--you will be, you will be, and you'll also understand all of the references in this reply. Also, when powering through A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi (in that order), remember: Do, or do not; there is no try. May the Force be with you.
  6. A 3sk Magnum could work alongside a 4sk Battle Rifle if it had 8 bullets (CE's had more) and no scope, like Halo 3. Bloom is another option for the pistol; it would be more rewarding for players who have the discipline to pace shots. I think Sprint SHOULD be in Halo 5--as an Armor Ability. It would be exempt from all "competitive" playlists. Also, modifications to Sprint are in order, namely something I like to call "desprint." Similar to descope, desprint kicks you out of Sprint for several seconds when you take damage of any kind. This allows Sprint to be beneficial; it gets you into situations faster but prevents you from escaping so easily. Also, it makes large maps play better and is good for casuals with short attention spans.
  7. In the light that I am woefully out of tune with pop culture, it was probably accidental. I was going more for a Star Wars reference.
  8. @CyRen Got your back http://m.ign.com/articles/2013/07/09/bungie-co-founder-destiny-creator-on-halos-greatest-tragedy Edit: This is part three, forgot about that bit.. Enjoy.
  9. Apart from it saying #1 and not #3 Btw, now that all my tests are over I can focus more on thinking, so I'll be pondering the Destiny videos, looking for more glimmers of information. I've noticed that there aren't many (if any) speculation videos on GBE, so maybe one more plausible "fact" could make an interesting feature.
  10. I mentioned this interesting mechanic before; it could be the solution to the issue of lobbing the ball across the map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfsAuzYzCNI
  11. Here's my random thought of the day: Many people say that Halo 4 would have been significantly better if it had had a public beta; I think that it would have been worse. Think about it: Making a beta requires time and resources; it's basically just shipping out your game early (whether it's finished or not) and testing servers. Those resources would have been wasted not being used on the actual game. Sure, maybe new people would have stayed around if they had scrapped Infinity, but they would have had even less time to finish game types and put in a ranking system, which never got in anyway. The only way a beta would have benefited the game is if people were so utterly disgusted at first sight that Microsoft allowed 343i some extra time, which would never happen. Instead of a beta, we need some people on the inside. Help me, Bravo, you're my only hope.
  12. Also, there is the possibility of a lack of blood in Destiny. Halo is rated M for Mature because of blood and violence, but Bungie want Destiny to be rated T for Teen in order to reach as many people as possible--like a summer blockbuster movie. Since Destiny will obviously have violence in the form of guns, knives, and SPACE MAGIC, my theory is that they will have to go without blood in order to achieve a T rating from ESRB. Here's my "proof": When a Fallen was killed, there was no blood, but simply a soul escaping its body; in addition, when a Guardian "died", there was no blood but a glowing orb. Some people might think the lack of blood is a childish decision, but I don't believe blood is necessary, especially in a game like Destiny where you're primarily fighting non-humans, including 'time-traveling robots.'
  13. I just thought of the possibility of fall damage. It was only in Halo CE and Reach, but I think it might return in Destiny. Remember when the demoer (possibly Joe Staten) during one private session turned around and showed the audience the backdrop of real, playable terrain? Well, he also jokes of jumping of the cliff and suiciding just to make the demo more interesting. Here's my thinking: If that was actual terrain under the cliff and not just a skybox with kill boundaries, how could he have killed himself without fall damage from the drop? I'm calling this one.
  14. Pitfall could replace or supplement Adrift CTF and Station 9 Extraction. If NS is implemented, Adrift will play even more slowly and Station 9 just won't work. But we know Pitfall will work with NS. We might need a TS map to replace Simplex (there is talk of split-screen tournaments) and supplement Abandon due to unpopularity. Keep in mind that some people will not buy the Bull's Eye map pack. Vertigo could possibly work (I would need to test it first) if we covere up the red buttons that activate the EMP surge. - - - - - - - Edit - Here's an idea: Someone playtest a Pit remake with Extraction so we know how it plays. With and without sprint, as we don't know what will happen with v5.
  15. In any case, the "goal" should be small and difficult to nail. I think the "Gravity Volume ceiling" idea could limit how far and high the ball can be thrown. We're going to need some supplementary Forge maps for Ricochet because Pitfall is the only one the looks viable in terms of preventing the ball from being thorn off the map. I recommend that all Ricochet maps be made on the Grifball court on Erosion or in a similarly enclosed environment. I need to see more gameplay to form a better judgement. As I said before, though, it looks promising.
  16. ...you leave a lengthy comment with constructive criticism and encouragement on every Halo commentary you see and then get a shoutout on five different channels.
  17. dankThere's a little Forging trick PeteTheDuck found out: Gravity Volumes affect Oddballs and Grifballs. Assuming the Ricochet ball has the same properties (which it probably does), it could be possible to limit the height of the ball. This will force skillful lateral throws and quick decision-making, rather than mindlessly chucking the ball across the map or throwing it off the edge, which is another problem entirely. dankIn order for maps to support Ricochet competitively, most ledges need to be walled off with Grids or Crates. There's nothing more frustrating than someone dropping the ball off the map to prevent the enemy from gaining possession. In Oddball, it's an unfortunately legitimate tactic, but in Ricochet, it would make gameplay unbearably long and slow. Luckily, it looks as though Pitfall is completely walled or windowed off from the outside, which eliminates the pitfalls of an open-ended map. dankFor those of you saying that throwing the ball into the goal should be disabled, I respectfully disagree. This is the most competitively attractive aspect of Ricochet and all competitive game types in every game: Risk vs Reward. Sure you can chuck the ball into the goal, but there's the opportunity of scoring ten times more (example) by risking it and going in for the touchdown. Say you only get three points for a throw and 10 points for a touchdown. There's not a single competitive game type that has that particular aspect; Extraction is appreciated for its dynamic changes when one team plants and the other converts the beacon. There's potential for this Ricochet to be very, very good. - - - - - - - Of course, it's too early to tell. As someone mentioned earlier, Bravo thinks it has a chance, and he knows more than all of us. See you on 8/20.
  18. ...Although I would have thought your main gripe with that game to be how easy it is to trick-jump; there's no skill, just double-jump and walk on walls! I find games in which you can jump better to be better. CoD has a jump height of three inches; it isn't fun for me. Halo has the moon-landing jump and various techniques like Gandhi-hopping, crouch-jumping, and ninja-ing. Quake has jump-sprinting, jump-strafing, and rocket-jumping. Win.
  19. That actually sounds really promising.
  20. Decent commentary, but I dispute that Titanfall will be big in the competitive scene.
  21. Yeah, I believe Peter Dinklage voices Ghost.
  22. Destiny will be much more successful because it is available for four platforms. However, Halo will be better unless Destiny is the exact same thing plus a bit extra. If Halo 5 follows the classic formula and doesn't hamper or limit any type of player, then it will have far more potential. Destiny will still be a great game, however.

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