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  1. I changed my vote to Titan. I don't like to be limited when it comes to games, so backing down because I took a little damage is not an option. CHARGE!
  2. Both Halo: Reach and Halo 4 use hitscan restritration, whereas Halo 3 used bullet detection. The difference is that hitscan is instantaneous and bullet detection is not, which means you have to lead your shots; lag is also a much greater issue. I'm not sure what Halo 2 used, but nonetheless it must have been inferior because Bungie had to implement auto aim, which is completely different than aim assist. Aim assist pulls your reticle onto the enemy player, whereas auto aim automatically registers bullets as hits if they are somewhere near the hitbox. Hitboxes are another issue; they have grown much larger starting in Reach.The combination of auto aim, larger hitboxes, and excellent hitscan registration makes it much easier to headshot people in the newer games then say in Halo CE. In Halo 4, the precision weapons have a theoretically infinite range, unlike certain weapons (Needler, Storm Rifle, Spartan Laser). However, the bullets do have a small random element within the reticle. Hopefully that makes at least some sense. As for my idea of Magnum-starts, the range of the pistol is the same as the DMR--infinite, hypothetically. But the Magnum has a 2x scope, whereas the DMR's is 3x. This technically doesn't effect the accuracy (aside from randomness within the reticle and bloom over long distances), but simply the size of the reticle will mentally discourage people from using it at extremely long ranges. When I was playing some good ol' BTB at my friend's house (split-screen), the only loadout I had was Assault Rifle / Magnum. Nevertheless, I managed to headshot people from base to base on Ragnarok. I even managed to kill a Mantis with the pistol! So it's a mental thing, if any.
  3. I think the loud footsteps can take away the importance of teamwork, mainly communication. Also, it's difficult to have the element of surprise anymore. #IwasTHISclose
  4. I had just finished typing up a reply defending PODs, but now that I really think of it, they're not necessary. They create clutter on the HUD and prevent you from switching grenades. While the armor abilities can provide complexity, giving everyone the option to drop them creates a saturation of game-slowing elements--I'm talking to you, Hardlight Shield. However, do not think that I am advocating a ban of armor abilities entirely; on the contrary, they should be placed on the map, as other people have been saying. Having a world ordnance indicator above them creates more 'Risk vs Reward,' as picking them up will reveal your location. It will also eliminate randomness; you will know for sure when the Thruster Pack on Ring 3 or Mohawk or Blue Walshy has been picked up by the other team. Armor abilities add a lot to the game, but as with anything there needs to be a balance. @OP, I suggest you add another voting option: "Place Armor Abilities On Map."
  5. It's been a while... Does anyone remember the exact day when CSR came out? I'm doing some research on playlist population over at HaloCharts and I need a reference point. Thanks.
  6. I think the most important change that can be made is the ranking system in SWAT. As of right now, it's ranked individually, but it's a team-based game. Let me show you a video from when the ranking system first came out; it's the reactions of a pro SWAT player, Bwwaaaa. It's heartbreaking, to say the least. This is someone who has consistently played SWAT since Halo 3, and probably even before that. Up until he quit, Bwwaaaa had the most Magnum kills in the world. This is his 'second impressions' video on SWAT after CSR. Please understand that he is very angry after having his playlist violated. Keep in mind that he usually is a team player and uses the Magnum exclusively...
  7. I think that there should be the option to update your Xbox One to the point where it doesn't require the DRM policies. To go one way or another is a bad idea.
  8. Forget what I said @bolded. I have bad eyesight, and that combined with a tiny iPod screen makes for a helluva hard time discerning concept art. Demilitarized would be an awesome map to play on, though. It has both the industrial and lively feel that you would expect from New Mombasa. I really want this map pack. Of course, people would just complain if it's not exactly what they want (i.e. a bland arena map pack).
  9. The first games I remember playing were the Harry Potter games for PC. My uncle always bought them for us back when they were released along with the movies. You're probably thinking, "Pfff, those games are lame," but I would rate The Chamber of Secrets" as one of the top three single player games ever. And then I started playing Halo 2. Every weekend at my friend's house we would begin the task of defeating "The Outskirts" on Legendary difficulty. Unfortunately (or maybe it was for the best), I never got hooked as my parents disapproved of console games and electronic games in general, saying they would "fry my brain." The first game I played consistently was The Hobbit: Prelude to The Lord of the Rings for PC. I played it til I was sick. Literally, I played until I had a fever and was throwing up. After that it was Mario Kart (a solid game), and now I don't really play games much anymore, primarily because my shared internet connection is awful, partially because I'm either too good or too bad at any game I play. Halo is an exception (it's perfect for me), but I don't have Xbox Live at the moment. So forums and YouTube it is for me. If anyone read through this entire post, I'd be surprised. Anyway, peace *goes off and plays violent FPS*
  10. Mind if I share the two bits of information/speculation with some associates (Oakley HiDef from THFEproductions; DestinyUpdates)? I wasn't sure if you were going to use them, so I thought I might supply them with a bit of news in this Destiny lull. Peace, and good luck with rebooting aPK's series! I heard (saw) a little joke about him, that he was 'aFK'. Heheh.
  11. I wonder if they're working on more maps. I would understand if they didn't release any more after the Bullseye map pack, seeing as Halo 4 doesn't really turn a profit anymore in terms of DLC purchases. Perhaps they were hoping to release three maps for Bullseye but weren't finished with one yet. Wishful thinking, I know, but it doesn't hurt to be optimistic.
  12. Wow. The concept art looks stunning... For some reason, Demiliatarized reminds me of Blackout from Halo 3. Scyllion looks like it would be a decent arena map, and Easter Island just looks cool. Dat purple.
  13. BTS, IS, SWAT, and TTD all appeal to different groups of players with different playing styles. BTS and IS just so happen to support the largest group of gamers: The casuals; they also keep players coming back for more. Just as TTD is consistently competitive and balanced, social game types like IS and BTS are consistently chaotic and just plain fun. Everyone has an opinion as to what makes a "quality" playlist, but I agree, there are certainly many more qualities than playlist population that determine that quality.Additionally, let me give you this example to show how my argument extends into those two casual playlists I mentioned. Just as people might be alienated by Magnum-only loadouts or decreased melee damage in SWAT, so would people be alienated by a lack of vehicles or just one starting weapon in Big Team. Change can be good, but not all changes are, and not all people will agree with them even if they are better.
  14. It would foolhardy to change the settings without prior warning; SWAT is the third-most populated playlist after Big Team and Infinity Slayer. It must have some defining quality that keeps people coming back for more. My theory is that people don't necessarily have to worry about the meta (team coordination, strafing, power weapon control); they can simply focus on their aim. It's a simple concept that will continue to work, unless we violate it with unbalanced settings.
  15. I think any map remakes should be mainly for nostalgic purposes; the maps should be terrain-based, rather than seeing a plethora of arena-style remakes that can easily be remade in Forge. For this to happen, Forge needs to have atmospheric effects like fog or snow, varying pallets, and a solution to the split-screen lag issue. I also want custom games options to be more expansive and more effective than ever.
  16. If it were up to me, the only loadout would be a Magnum. It's perfectly balanced and has many beneficial qualities. For instance, the bloom is much greater than the DMR; you must be instinctively thinking, "No, bloom is uncompetitive and inherently evil," but bear with me: Bloom is bad for most other game types because it doesn't take as much skill to hit someone in the body as it does to pop them in the head, and when shields are up, damage to the body is the same as to the head. Because of this, [in game types using shields,] it isn't very punishing to spam that trigger for the faster kill, or maybe because you missed a few sloppy shots. In SWAT, however, accuracy is on of the most important things, and more-accurate players should be rewarded over those who simply see the other player first and start spamming. The Magnum has much more bloom than the DMR, so spammers are discouraged with lower accuracy and lower success rates, but also for another reason, which I will explain now. The Magnum has a much smaller clip than the other potential loadout precision weapons. The DMR has 16 bullets and the BR 12 bursts. This gives the user the opportunity to spam without being punished by having to reload; the BR's spread is very forgiving, and the auto aim (different than aim assist) of both is rather unskillful. The Magnum has only eight bullets in a clip, but each is as deadly as those of the other rifles. Spamming is less forgiving, and campy long range battles are less prone to happen every match on Lockout. Although the Magnum has a less powerful scope, the range is still the same. It requires a skillful marksman to brain people from across the map, and as I mentioned before, the bloom is very effective at punishing long range spammers; this also promotes map movement, something that I find is less prominent in Halo 4's SWAT mode--perhaps this is because the hitscan detection is so much better than that of previous games'; indeed, in Halo 3, you could spam five bursts from across the map without getting a kill, which forced you to move around and get into a more useful position. However, I am not advocating the banishment of the other precision weapons; they could be power weapons, which would encourage further map movement. Also, I like the idea of decreasing melee damage and weapon damage. Testing would be required, however. Ultimately, a more skillful game is a better game.
  17. Yes; I believe the DLC will be called "Comet" and released intermittently. Perhaps it is named so because comets often contain organic material, (amino acids) which can bring new "life" to the party. Another foreign element, if you will.
  18. You shouldn't play Destiny because it might be like Halo; rather, because it's a Bungie game, or even better, because it just looks to be a good game overall.I agree; Titanfall seems to be the best bet for an eSport title, but keep in mind that it's still only a wager. From what I can see, there are too many things that disrupt the competitive formula in that game. We will see, though.
  19. Lol, I didn't know he had a following of fanboys; I guess sarcasm doesn't register very well on forums.
  20. Ghost doesn't yet know if it's competitive; he said it would require testing. I'm all for optimism, but don't just mindlessly follow what other people say, no matter how reputable they may be. Let's hope it works, though.
  21. That's why the Gravity Volumes would be placed just above jump height above the highest portion of the map--red/blue pocket--, which prevents the players from taking advantage of them---they will if they get the chance. Additionally, the Volumes can be pointed upside-down to prevent the rare occasion of a player experiencing low-gravity.. I'm not sure exactly how many can be placed, but I assume it's quite a lot; I have seen many minigames (xTeasen's 'Rad Low Grav' for example) that use voluminous (many) Volumes.Edit: Plus, it discourages Jetpack-users. That's always a plus.
  22. There are probably a few lurkers, as some have said, but I really wouldn't blame them for being anonymous. I can't imagine how much hate they get through social networks and forums alike; if I were in their position, I would become a Luddite. I just want them to know that some of the more mature members of the community truly want to help them.
  23. It's the coolest thing ever when you launch yourself with the Conc Rifle and get a noscope in mid-air. Plus, it's great for tac jumps.
  24. I'm aware of the Oddball problem, but I was thinking Gravity Volumes on top of Pitfall (several 'Spartan lengths' above the highest point) could solve the problem of lobbing the ball across the map in Ricochet. Additionally, a Grabity Volume containing the goal would prevent throws entirely, forcing touchdowns--if it turns out that throwing the ball is that much of an issue.

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