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  1. The main inherent problem with equipment is being unable to see what your opponent has. This isn't a huge problem when the items aren't frustrating, though. There is a huge difference between dropping a bubble shield versus deployable cover. Because bubble shield is really stupid. Maybe it would be less stupid if you could shoot the bubble shield to move it out of the way, but it's much better suited for campaign, imo. Overall I think there is huge potential in campaign and multiplayer (custom games at the very least) for reasonable equipment. There are plenty of noninvasive ideas that could work well in BTB and allow for emergent, non-stagnant gameplay. zero-g volume portal device legacy armor abilities custom equipment The best part is you can choose to leave some or most of these out of multiplayer or relegate them to BTB. Either way, it's not a big deal as long as the equipment isn't dumb and lacking counterplay (bubble shield, regen). And it's fine if the equipment is fairly useless in most situations, rather than lacking any negatives (regen), since it can be placed in uncontested areas to compensate. Just as with the weapon sandbox, I don't really care if a weapon is weak overall as long as it's somewhat interesting and doesn't feel cheap to use. If there aren't more than a couple types of equipment on any map, then a generic glowing equipment orb attached to the hip of the player model would probably be enough for people to predict the user's capabilities beforehand.
  2. It makes me feel like a supersoldier. You’re telling me a 10ft tall hunk of mech warrior can’t clamber up a simple ledge? I’ve been playing since Halo CE, and if there’s one thing that ever broke my immersion it was being stuck on the bottom of Prisoner. Why shouldn’t I be able to clamber to the top??
  3. Here’s the thing. You can design maps where most jumps don’t require clamber, but inevitably people will find routes that depend on clamber. And the people using the most advanced routes will disproportionately be competitive players. Clamber tries to fix something that isn’t a problem in Halo: a pitiful jump height. It’s a mechanic suited for military shooters and other “grounded” games where jumping higher would feel unrealistic. It has nothing to do with addressing players’ frustration with not making jumps. Preaching to the choir here, of course.
  4. And this is why there is some basis for arguments in support of extra movement mechanics. Movement in Halo has never been what it needs to be. Sometimes that’s a result of sluggish acceleration, restricted field of view, a jump delay, or maybe weapons’ ease of use puts down any strafe. My main gripe with “enhanced” mobility is that it doesn’t fix the problems Halo has had for years. Because if it did, I could turn off the abilities in customs and have a great time.
  5. It’s a fair point that @TheIcePrincessbrings up but I’m not sure it was in response to any definitive claims. The CE pistol can be hard to use, sure. But it can also be moderately difficult to easy at times depending on the situation. As with any weapon in a console shooter there is a sweet spot resulting from the aim assist and bullet magnetism characteristics. TSKs aren’t hard when the opponent is unaware or moving predictably, which is part of why people say it’s overpowered—they’re not playing against strafing opponents who can often predict your movement. When you’re fighting an up-close battle against a strafing and ducking opponent, I can attest that it’s one of the hardest weapons in the series. I think a couple reasons why Halo 5’s magnum can feel easy at times yet hard to get a perfect kill are the thruster pack and the kill time. In 1.2s you can thrust to make your opponent miss a shot or two. In 0.6s you’re dead before you can strafe. Regardless, you don’t always notice things in the moment so you sometimes just “feel like a badass” when the game was really helping you. And some of the perceived difficulty is a result of random spread. That’s something we can all agree isn’t desirable. The aim assist and magnetism is a bit more complicated. At the end of the day, though, I think we can also agree on what we want from a precision weapon: satisfying gunfights and a reason to challenge your opponents head on.
  6. In my experience, typically bad players can have bursts of proficiency. There something called the flow state where your brain gets into a rhythm and you can perform things effortlessly. For me, this happens occasionally when playing an instrument or a sport, but some games do a really good job of encouraging the flow state. Halo 1 is one of those games. The people I play with are pretty trash and casual gamers in general but sometimes go on a streak, especially in 400% health SWAT where there’s nothing but pistol. Because of the aiming, Halo 5 seems like a game that wants to yank you out of the flow state before it even starts. I’m hoping Halo 6 has a strong emphasis on the utility gun and smooth input mechanics so I can just get in the zone and stay there.
  7. There may be a silver lining to not seeing gameplay at E3. This is pure speculation, but think about what AAA developers like to show off in trailers: new mechanics, new weapons, and graphics. We’ve only seen graphical demonstrations, why? Because classic gameplay with stripped down mechanics and a refined sandbox isn’t conducive to a hype trailer. If Infinite is classic, that means they’re banking on features to bring people in. More clan integration, restored theater mode capabilities, revamped spectator mode, modding support, etc. Features also take a lot longer to complete than weapons and spartan abilities, so they don’t want to overpromise too early. The negative part of this is that they could be doubling down on the “games as a service” model, which is all fine until the game launches without features we’ve come to expect.
  8. One great thing about player graphics options is that you can present the game differently for the audience. In some Quake tournaments for duel grand finals, players used they custom settings with bright skins and effects turned down while the spectator view had all effects on, weapon sway, and original character skins. The effects are kind of cool when you’re not trying to play the game.
  9. If the game has to favor one or the other, I would rather it favor people with good internet connections. The last thing you want is for people to prefer playing over wifi because it’s easier to land shots. Yeah, that would be pretty crazy...
  10. One reason I didn’t give Halo 5 a chance is that I didn’t want to buy an expensive paperweight (xbox) to play it. If I got Halo 6 for PC and didn’t enjoy it, I would only be wasting $60 instead of hundreds.
  11. That’s the way it goes with these Quake-lite games. Twitter account dead for over a year. But don’t worry, dozens have risen up to take its place. This was one of the more original projects, actually.
  12. Aim assist has always functioned like that, the difference being that starting in Halo 2 (probably) headshots are prioritized. You can see in that clip exactly when the corrected bullet path snaps onto the head. This avoids pulling bullets down to result in a bodyshot when you were aiming for the head like in Halo 1. One solution, barring total removal of bullet magnetism, is to remove the vertical component of the correction. Next, the bullet magnetism needs to be a lot lower at close range. That fixes the problems Halo has always had with various aim assist systems.
  13. Yeah I'm kinda disappointed that DOOM 2016 had an adjustable field of view on console. They could have just locked it and optimized the game for my 8k TV.
  14. Yo @Boyo I have an idea to run past you. Spartans are able to decrease their field of view using Smart Link. Shouldn't there be a way to increase the field of view, perhaps to increase awareness? I call it Spartan Reticle Increasing Telemetry, or SPRINT for short. What do you want to crunch, nugget blubber?
  15. Who needs Promethean vision when you can crouch in a corner and hear every other Spartan TM crunching around on the map? I think movement sound cues work when movement is really fast and hard to predict, e.g. how Quake balances strafe jumping with more noise. Not really an issue if you're just walking in Halo. Unfortunately, as I was reading in an employee spotlight, the audio lead on H5 admitted to enjoying hiding and listening for enemy movement before attacking, in games such as Apex Legends. Strafing should be crispy, not crunchy.
  16. I think I mentioned it a long time ago, but it would be cool if you could see the spawn system in game. Halo 4’s spawn system (and probably others’) had a negative influence on spawn probability if a teammate was looking at that spawn, not just the enemy, because devs think that seeing players spawn takes away from immersion. So what if you brought attention to the system and instead showed a hologram where your teammate was most likely to spawn? I think this would teach a lot of players how the game works regardless of the exact math behind the system. It would be a toggle in custom settings just in case it became too distracting—maybe it could be a player preference. I don’t think many people would opt out.
  17. FFA in general shouldn’t have power weapons or powerups anyway. It should just be about pure gunskill averaged over tons of encounters. Maybe if other weapons took more skill to use it would be fine.
  18. H5 is a little harsh on my ears, particularly the weapons and the constant sound of the armor. I’m not sure what’s more the culprit, the sounds themselves or the rate at which they occur. Definitely an improvement from the beta though—I couldn’t stand all the beeping.
  19. There are two sides to this coin. Power weapons are very useful for controlling how a map plays, increasing map movement and making more layouts viable. At the same time, Halo has a real problem with low individual empowerment. This debate is like an ethics argument on utilitarianism, i.e. the ends justifying the means. We know that the best thing about Halo, perhaps the thing that defines Halo multiplayer, is 1v1 fights with a skillful precision weapon on a level playing field. We also know that there are two extremes when no advantage can be taken: pure chaos (Octagon) or a complete standoff (Standoff). So things like power positions can promote structure, creating interesting gameplay while also hopefully allowing some form of counterplay, else the map is bad. There is a point where everyone can agree that the power weapons have too much effect on the game and that the necessary evil for promoting movement/structure has been exceeded. So maybe the answer is to focus on intrinsically balancing interactions with the utility weapon. Imagine that the rocket launcher had the same radius of effect along the ground, but a steep damage falloff vertically so that a player could survive a rocket jump (which is cool on its own). By extension, an enemy player could survive your rocket by jumping at the precise time. This alone adds so much counterplay. A truly skilled player can have a decent chance challenging rockets, promoting aggression and giving a sense of fairness. But there are still plenty of strategies to beat a jumping player: delaying the rocket, firing at the wall or ceiling, aiming for a direct hit, or anticipating the jump and quickly switching to a headshot capable weapon to finish off the opponent launched on a high trajectory. The rocket launcher is still super useful for initiating pushes since it takes out unaware opponents instantly, but challenging a rocket launcher player in a 1v1 is now shifted closer to a 50/50.
  20. It also defeats the purpose of watching the video since the title apparently gives all the information. Low tier clickbait.
  21. Extra jump height would be a great powerup in a game with otherwise restricted movement. It’s the element of surprise in its purest form, with no real combat advantages. Maybe it would be best to lower the gravity instead so you could get way more distance from grenade jumps, and also have the tradeoff of a more easily punished jump in firefights. I can imagine this being really cool on 1v1 maps specifically. Another pretty tame powerup would be the Battlesuit from Quake. It gives you a medium amount of extra armor but more importantly makes you immune to splash damage. Again, this would be useful for grenade jumps, but also for challenging players in power positions and even vehicles. The main problem is how to convey the function of this powerup. It would have to be done in campaign in order to teach people effectively.
  22. I believe someone posted a list about 4 pages ago or you can find it on Waypoint I’m sure, but aim assist was removed on the rocket launcher to mirror the OG xbox version.
  23. I think H2 just has the catchiest music because the beats and the guitar are addictive.

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