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  1. That feature will be included in the Spartan V program
  2. Super soldiers should be able to sprint while carrying a flag. End of discussion.
  3. Agreed, sandcraft would be much more versatile.
  4. Yes, but only if it’s Halo 3 with AR/pistol starts on Standoff.
  5. I had nothing so democratic in mind. I suppose putting map entries in a playlist could help narrow down the options, but ultimately I envisioned that winners would be selected by a panel. I think subjecting the entries to matchmaking would serve more to debug design issues than determine which one is the best.
  6. A few months after Forge releases, 343 could host a map making competition where the best map is turned into a dev map. I wouldn’t mind something like that every year or so.
  7. Site suggestion: when the number of pages in a thread exceeds a threshold like 5, the options for which page to jump to should change from [1,2,3,4,last] to [1,last-3,last-2,last-1,last]. This would mean you can check out recent pages with fewer clicks.
  8. A real Halo fan wouldn’t wash his ass. This is one of the reasons why competitive Halo is dying. Look at Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. They don’t shower and they have a thriving grassroots scene. Idiots.
  9. The Delta variant must have hit 343 hard 😏
  10. As I said, you’d need an animation to transition between a rendered portal and one with just a static texture to make it look believable. Another option would be to limit rendering within a cone/frustum and cull all portal cameras outside of it, but that doesn’t seem as robust. Certainly a lot easier than designing maps with portal sightlines in mind.
  11. Adds depth when pro players don’t use clamber
  12. I don’t see why level design would need to be involved. If there were a wall with four portals on it and your local portal rendering was limited to two, a script would calculate the two portals nearest to your reticle and only render the cameras for those. Seems simple.
  13. There’s a fix for this: set a limit on the max number of portal cameras rendered. The minimum would be two. Then prioritize rendering the portals closest to the aimer. The only other thing needed is an animation to transition from a rendered portal to a blank one so it doesn’t look dumb.
  14. They should just nerf clamber so it only helps you as much as a crouch jump would. Ez fix
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