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  1. The goal of a game is to make people have fun by encouraging action. The three main ways to accomplish this are map design, incentive items, and objectives. Obviously base player capabilities have a huge effect, but these generally stay constant. On some maps like The Pit in the absence of an objective, no one would ever move if not for powerful incentive items. But that should not be an excuse to have bad map design and the lackluster counterplay potential with incentive items.
  2. Idk man, tell that to the millions of Warzone players who watched HCS.
  3. If you want to get a good deal, you have to be willing to walk away from it.
  4. A simpler idea would be to introduce an optional charging time for the hammer during which it would pull objects and players in. Good visual and audio cues would be key. Not that it needs to be a balanced weapon since it’s for casuals, but this would introduce some counterplay if you knew a hammer user (MP or campaign) were trying to pull you closer, since you could hold forward and get a melee off with the added speed. Also makes it not functionally identical to the sword (ignoring partial damage).
  5. Strongsiding is a skill just like knowing when to sprint away from a losing battle is a skill. Sure, some people are really good at staying alive, e.g. Pistola, but I have no idea why you would want to encourage that in a game with recharging shields. This isn’t Quake where speed is a skill and you have to worry about weapon knockback messing up your escape. H5 is the first game after H1 where there’s literally no point in ducking your head but that’s just because the headshot hitbox and magnetism are ridiculous—it was quite common in H4.
  6. Maybe the UNSC is phasing in composites
  7. As I was thinking about this, it wouldn’t work with Halo’s traditional linear campaign where you can go back and play things out of order since it would feel weird to suddenly lose access to abilities, but it could work in a more open world game. In the H4’s GDC postmortem, Josh Holmes said they wanted Chief to transform to have all these Forerunner abilities so the game felt completely different for the last few levels, essentially adding mechanics like Metroid but all at once. My actual prediction is the return of classic movement + sprint as well as armor abilities. Warzone/Firefight/Invasion have loadouts while Arena modes have armor ability pickups. For better or for worse.
  8. That’s because you gain different abilities throughout the game. It will be a Metroidvania.
  9. December 2020 release means a public beta on PC for summer 2020 (announced at E3 next year) which means gameplay is shown at Pax East at the latest.
  10. This place is looking like Halo Fans Anonymous right now lmao
  11. Custom campaign settings would be sick, especially for machinimas and doing dumb challenges in co-op. Just make it unlock after you complete the story so people don’t ruin their own experience round one. If the devs actually want people to choose their loadout for a specific level/area, just have an armory room—it’s more immersive anyway. Generally people would try to find the lamest way to play though and it’s eaaier to design around a known starting loadout. One of the reasons I enjoy Halo 1’s campaign is that precision weapons are precious, you’re forced to try different strategies, and no single weapon combo will feel ideal on a level with both covies and flood.
  12. This would be alt fire for the sniper rifle. Here me out. You have the option of firing a standard bullet or a hacking bullet. If you get a headshot with the hacking bullet, it embeds in the victim's brain but won't kill them fully. Now you have to hack their brain. At this point you are unable to control your character, which adds to the risk vs reward. The screen is replaced by a hacking game you have to complete. If you succeed, then you return to controlling your character, and alt fire button will kill the other player at any point in time. This allows for strategic plays where you can keep an enemy player alive and sabotage them at the perfect time, like during a flag cap. You might be wondering that it would be obvious when a player has used alt fire on you because they're standing still, but that's where the meta comes in. You could intentionally hit your opponent in the neck reason to get a bodyshot, then stand still for a few moments. They will think you've hacking them, while you're really just inside there head. It's the ultimate mind game. I also drew a picture in MS Paint of what the hacking game would look like:
  13. None of these ideas are being looked at, but while we’re fantasizing, I was thinking about that old idea of making sprint purely aesthetic—after moving at same velocity for a few seconds, the field of view would increase by a couple degrees and small streamlines would appear at the edge of the visor. But you could do something similar with thruster pack. With increased air control, changing direction in the air could be accompanied by a dull hum of thrusters, which would sound super sick with directional sound. This would only be audible to the user to prevent it from ruining stealthy plays. If you slammed the stick from one side to the other during full speed strafing, the thrusters could pulse. Maybe this would encourage unskilled players to strafe. Taking this further, you could introduce a new mechanic: fast falling. Holding crouch right after the peak of your jump would send you downward a little faster with a pulse of the thrusters. This could also make crouch jumping more difficult and rewarding (but also maybe tedious if the timing is too tight). If you pressed jump + crouch to short hop, you could fast fall for a new strafing tactic, “shffling.” Obviously these ideas would never be implemented, and I would want an on/off option for the aesthetic effects in settings. But I think there are ways to make the game feel immersive and modern without adding power fantasy buttons that usually strip away power. If everyone’s super, no one will be.
  14. The only way Halo dies is for it to spawn a spiritual successor to continue its legacy. That is to say, for Halo to be dad.

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