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  1. If power weapon kills weren’t so free, the timers wouldn’t matter. It’s like debates about how many spare bullets the sniper should spawn with. That’s not the core issue.
  2. Except a wall kick would be telegraphed by an initial jump and proximity to a wall. It’d be more predictable than a normal, vertical jump. Maybe people who only use their left stick to aim couldn’t deal with it, but it’s not that hard in theory as long as the change in speed isn’t too high. Just having the option to instantly kick away from a wall at base movement speed or initial jump speed would add a lot. Option 1: opponent wall kicks. Their trajectory is predetermined until they touch the ground, just like a vertical jump. Option 2: opponent jumps into the wall without wall kicking, as a mixup. They’re screwed if you react to or read this.
  3. You could try not listening to the tracks beforehand.
  4. I disagree. H3 BR is more detrimental than any iteration of sprint. I don’t like sprint, but at least it isn’t random.
  5. So based on the 10-20% left in your calculation, there’s still a decent chance Halo Infinite will be a hero shooter. Never too late to jump on a trend.
  6. Would be sick if 343 restored bump mapping in Halo 1 campaign to its original functionality. More pressing matters unfortunately.
  7. I had the same issues. Great to hear it’s not fixed yet. Could be a hardware specific bug since it doesn’t seem too common. I got through 1.5 campaign levels before calling it quits. EDIT: @Rick I just tried again after that first time a few months ago, and the issues appear to be fixed for me. My keyboard bindings were all reset, though. You might want to check if there's an update available.
  8. I guess Bungie never even considered having no spread on the main precision weapon. If anyone over there had accidentally removed the randomness, they would instantly know they had made a mistake. Ingenious.
  9. Doesn’t eliminating base spread making the reticle look weird? Something I sort of remember from GPMA conversations.
  10. I have no idea who the Created or Banished are. Can someone tell me if I need to watch Halo 5's cutscenes, or would that be the equivalent of watching The Last Jedi? - - - If Halo Infinite keeps the current broken weapon sandbox with brainlessly good weapons everywhere, the two gun limit has merit. If you have one rocket left, there is no risk to keeping the launcher in your back pocket if you can hold more than two guns. And Quinn's "random rocket" argument starts to make sense. People throw in comparisons to Quake without realizing that just about everything in those games requires more skill than just about anything in Halo and is simply designed better, and it all falls apart above 2v2 because of the chaos. I can guarantee the same people who complain about not being able to anticipate someone's armor ability would also complain about this.
  11. Here’s a thought. 343 announces they’ve uncovered the source of hit registration errors and are “working hard” to progressively eliminate all issues. Instead, they just decrease the spread angles of the BR by 50% each time over a few patches until the “registration” issues are magically reduced. Everyone praises 343 like they’re gods for making the game play better than ever.
  12. I imagine there would need to be some kind of energy tether to give visual feedback and make it less unpredictable for opponents. The best part of tying it to a falling projectile is that the range is limited naturally and predictably. No need for crosshairs showing what surfaces can and can’t be tethered.
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