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  1. Sometimes it seems like the melee range varies depending on connection, or desync, whatever. But I could just be imagining it.
  2. This is a false equivalency. Infinite isn’t nearly as good as meth.
  3. I would KILL for an upside-down remix of The Pit right now. (Only REAL TeamBeyond fans will get this.)
  4. 343: feedback received! We hear you loud and clear. 1. We buffed the tracking aim assist on the Battle Rifle to make it more consistent for players who struggled to contest other map pickups. We are aware that this may further the discrepancy between controller and mouse efficacy, but the team believes it’s in the right place. Regardless, we will be monitoring this issue closely. 2. We’ve become aware of player discussions revolving around map variety and veto options. While a veto option is not possible at this time due to UI limitations in the new Slipspace engine, we will be adjusting the weighting of maps over which opinion is split. Additionally, we are happy to announce a spiritual remake of Fathom from Halo 5 is in the works! More on that later. See you next month!
  5. Probably a rhetorical prompt, but a weapon like the concussion rifle would be great in Halo 1. Grenade jumps without almost killing yourself, and new nade tricks for acquiring weapons and powerups. Being able to juggle players in the air would make for a really powerful combo with the pistol.
  6. There’s no inherent problem with having 30 weapons in a game. The problem lies when you lack compelling weapons. 343 also tends to obsess over weapons having minute balance details that are detrimental to the feel of the game. Take the variable aim assist in Halo 5, for example. How ridiculously zoomed in the first zoom level of the sniper is, presumably to make room for the shock rifle. The plasma pistol lacking a role in the sandbox due to splitting it with the disruptor pistol, a slightly less impotent weapon. These weapons are being balanced around each other despite not competing with each other on each and every map. The desire for a smaller sandbox is partly rooted in the belief that 343 would struggle less to make each weapon compelling. Right now they seem to be balancing the entire game around BTB (and Battle Royale, obviously) where they emphasize the importance of “scavenging” for marginally more effective weapons at each turn.
  7. REAL Halo fans Underlined the portion where you’re wrong
  8. Good point. Is there a way to modify how OS works in the map? Could be fun to see if the map works for slayer (maybe just 2v2) with buffed OS, camo, and perhaps a teleporter.
  9. Is there a zero spread H3 mod to go with this beautiful map?
  10. Queue NavG making an appearance to keep everyone on top. “I seem to have gotten lost and stumbled into the Arrested Development meme thread. Can anyone point me back to the Infinite thread?”
  11. Didn’t realize we had some AD fans here. I guess you know where my username comes from, then.
  12. They have a game designer opening @Boyo this is your chance
  13. Let’s be real, they probably never played customs outside of internal playtests that were part of their job.
  14. Made my first ever smurf account tonight so my friends wouldn't get demolished. I have to wonder if the tight MMR in social playlists is achieving the exact opposite of what they intended. Making a smurf takes a couple minutes but you get very easy matches until the algorithm learns your skill. Then the outcome of each match is essentially rigged either for or against you. But if matchmaking had a higher weight toward randomness (or connection) than skill, then there would be no benefit to creating a smurf. I will give the MMR system credit where it's due, though. After about 10 matches, each social match was just as sweaty as the last.
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