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  1. 22 and 1/2 hours and 186 games in, I've formulated an opinion on this game. It fucking sucks. Pardon my French. But, before you stop reading, let me explain what I mean. In it's current condition, it fucking sucks. This game has a massive amount of potential that makes me want to cry to see it like it is. Here are the things I currently like about the game: Arena starts (No loadouts). That's it. The things I don't like about the game? The ranking system The aiming Every spartan ability, including Sprint. Spawning Maps (ties into spartan abilites) No forge (essentially released another game that wasn't ready to be released for the sake of making money) Let me explain these in further detail. 1. The ranking system Placing people in Onyx for winning 9 or 10 games in your placements doesn't make any sense. 343i is trying to follow the common ranking system used by pretty much every popular game, except that they place people way higher than they deserve. You can't derank out of your division either, so bad kids that get carried in their placements are essentially stuck in a division to high for them. Therefore, they get shit on constantly, and I constantly have to play games against shitty kids as an Onyx. Why there would be any player that is Onyx in Team Arena with a negative KDA makes no sense to me. That on it's own is enough to show that the ranking system is broken. What 343i should've done (I'm not a game designer, but I honestly don't think it could possibly be this hard) is follow what everyone else is doing and don't place anyone higher than Gold. Make people work their way up. This way the bad kids are stuck in the low ranks where they belong and the good kids can move up through the ranks and even out where they belong. 2. The aiming I don't even need to say anything about this. You guys all know it's broken. 3. Spartan abilities, including Sprint. All of these abilities, save Ground Pound in some situations, are skill compression. Spartan charge is essentially a long distance melee. Thrust is a get out of jail free card; same as Sprint. Clamber takes the skill out of crouch jumping and doesn't allow you to fire, which makes challenging someone above you impossible if they can hit shots. Slide is w/e, I don't mind it. 4. Spawning. It's so fucking broken, it's unreal. People seem to just spawn wherever the fuck they please. CTF games are a battle of who gets the best spawns. So many times we'll have 4 down and push their flag and they spawn in their base next to the flag and just nade-bomb us. That's another thing to talk about, real quick. The grenade meta on small maps is ridiculous. They're more nuclear than Reach nades. Anyway, spawning needs to be fixed. 5. Maps The lack of 3 lane maps in Arena is depressing. Maps like the Rig and Plaza are just trying to make the game more like CoD and tailored to noobs. Sprint causes maps to be too large and too open. CTF on Truth is infuriating. You can shoot anybody pretty much anywhere on the map. Take out Sprint, make maps smaller. 6. That's what's so sad about Forge not coming out until December. The game is going to be dead because of the shit maps before Forge even comes out. If we could have no Sprint and small maps, this game would be beautifully competitive and much more fun (after aiming is fixed of course). That's most of my 2 cents. Let me hear your opinions! Hope you guys enjoyed the read
  2. Need 5 more to play custom 8s in H5. No sprint, no radar. Please be good and please know callouts. Message for inv. GT: Magic Rebirth Edit: nevermind, no one is joining
  3. Have 3 looking for 1 more for team arena. Onyx, D5 and P4. Gamertag:Magic Rebirth
  4. looking for 2 more for Team Arena. D4 and P3. Gamertag:Magic Rebirth
  5. Looking for teammates for Team Arena. Diamond 4, GT is "Magic Rebirth"
  6. Looking for a team to play Team Arena with. Diamond 4. GT: Magic Rebirth. send a message and I'll inv
  7. Your Team Name: Magic Ninja Winner: Magic Ninja Round Number: 0 Score: 0-0 (Other team (Inspire) forfeited)
  8. Hi all, myself (Magic Rebirth) and ClingyNinja are looking for two more players for HCS Season 2. You would need to be able to compete and be able to go to Iron Games Atlanta. Reply if you're interested!
  9. I'm going to simply talk about how I think the ranking system could change for the moment and save the rest for later. The ranking system is not a bad one. The matchmaking included with the ranking system is currently terrible. If I am in Onyx 2, I should not be playing with anyone outside of Onyx. If I am Onyx 3, I should be playing with people in middle-high Onyx or low Semi-Pro. My second point is this: your ranking and performance increase/decrease should not solely be based on win/loss and the overall score of the game. This is unfair to those that do well and get matched with horrible teammates. Now, I understand that if it were to be heavily based on performance or KDA, stat-padders would be placed to high. But, I feel that if I go 20/0 and my team goes completely negative, I should not lose the exact same amount of performance. That isn't fair the the player that can hold his own. In terms of the Tier system, I think it's totally fine and doesn't really need to change. Just the matching and the way performance is doled out.
  10. I went to check that and the download finished! 2spookyforme xD
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