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  1. GT: VAiViPiRE Both Customs & Matchmaking Region: North America (East Coast, specifically NJ) Please message on XBL before adding. I may not accept a random request without a message. Thanks
  2. I finally got around to getting an Xbox One slightly after Halo 5: Guardians came out, so I've been switching back and forth between Halo MCC and Halo 5. I selected the "Give me a few weeks" option because the game is still very very new. I will admit though that so far I am liking what I am seeing with how 343 is trying to balance the game and make it truly competitive. At this current time, I am leaning toward the "Yes" option.
  3. I am very excited to announce that yes, I am working on a new Mainstage Montage! In honor of Halo 2's anniversary, the release of the Master Chief Collection, and the past two Halo tournaments held by 343 industries, I decided to make this mainstage montage. Hopefully the first to come of many, this montage will feature gameplay from Gamescom & PAX Prime. Here is a little teaser trailer for the montage: Special thanks to Hastings and Snipetality for footage and inspiration, respectively.
  4. My opinions may be skewed due to the fact that I have only ever played online and never on LAN. But I'd say my least favorite map/gametype would be Guardian Oddball. I didn't like it because I'd usually search by myself or maybe with a friend and since oddball requires a lot of team work, doing that with randoms can be very difficult. And when you don't do something that your random teammates think you should do, that's an easy opening for getting an earful from them. And of course, vice versa. But I suppose that goes with any map and gametype. My favorite would probably be Slayer Pit. I'm just a huge fan of The Pit. It's my favorite map of all-time (granted, I never played Halo 1 or Halo 2 multiplayer). And Slayer is just the core of Halo. Can you out-shoot, out-smart, and out-teamwork your opponent?
  5. A while back I made a video about how to create a replica MLG Lower Thirds Nameplate. However, I wanted to sort of update that and take it a step further. I went through all the nameplates that MLG has used in Halo history since 2009 and turned them into blank, customizable templates. I’ve organized all the files into one folder which you can download using the links below. In the folder, you’ll find them organized by year and game (for example, 2010 – Halo 3). You’ll find a transparent .png file, a PSD Photoshop file, and also the font that goes with each nameplate. From here, you can either drag this onto a video you’re editing, or use this for your stream. I’d like to make a disclaimer now that I do not own these graphics and your decision to use them is entirely at your own risk. With that being said, I think the use of these nameplates just gives your stream or videos that much more appeal. Let me know what you guys think! I’d love to see what you do with them! (Yes, that is a Bonus, custom edition Halo 4 Global Championship Lower-Thirds Nameplate) DOWNLOAD HERE: Media Fire - http://www.mediafire.com/download/0lz0k02c0qou2pd/MLG+Lower-Thirds+Nameplates.zip Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/rz0h1o25gjasmp8/MLG%20Lower-Thirds%20Nameplates.zip 4Shared - http://www.4shared.com/zip/8MMlkEQyce/MLG_Lower-Thirds_Nameplates.html
  6. What an amazing story. I, like Bobby, will be rooting for you as you dedicate the competitive season to him. Glad to have you back!
  7. For the love of God, PLEASE let's make this happen.
  8. Hey everyone! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Juan, but I go by Vampire. I used to make all the Halo 3 mainstage montages you see on YouTube. I wanted to make a video to let you guys know that I'm still here, even though I may not be as active as I used to be. With the recent re-uprising of Halo 3, I am definitely going to try to be more active again. Starting with a new mainstage-montage-like project!
  9. Thanks for considering one of my videos as your favorites My favorite montage would have to be the Frenetic Array's H3 Montage. Music, editing, and gameplay was absolutely ON point.
  10. Thanks for sharing Edit: Yes, I apologize for the repeated clips. As you can imagine, I went through a ton of footage and to keep track of what I put in and what I didn't was very difficult. I'm surprised there weren't more repeats. But I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. Never forget Halo 3.
  11. The idea of opening up Sword and the grav lift is pretty interesting. I'm excited to see how it plays out! As far as past Pits, I feel that this one will be different since it's an official remake from 343. Not a forged one. And yes, I agree with CTF and snipers. Would like to see running flags come back and de-scoping. But I shall stay optimistic as 343 has already shown that they are listening and trying to provide for our demands.
  12. That's definitely a concern I have. I would hope that they would know that, especially with Bravo being the voice of the competitive community at 343, and would scale the map accordingly.
  13. 343 Industries just announced a new map pack which will include a map called "Pitfall" which is an official Pit remake. I, for one, have been DYING for this to happen and am INCREDIBLY excited for it! What are your thoughts on it? http://youtu.be/1i0LIsE7Eh8 Here are some screenshots I got from the live stream at http://www.twitch.tv/343industries/new.
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