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  1. I started playing halo during h2, played Halo 3 for a little while, grinded halo Reach, and Halo 4. I've competed on a few online Team Beyond 2v2s, as far as lan goes, I've placed 2nd at a local Halo Reach ffa and another 2nd place at a Gamestop ffa for H4. I've placed another 2nd (I know that's a lot of 2nd places and no wins) at a local 4v4 Slayer for Halo4 and 3rd for a H2Anniversary 4v4. I live in Arizona and committed to travel at least to any California, west coast tournaments if any [email protected]_doodles Xbl: The Fosgate
  2. Please tell us they are not using the garbage microscopic Halo 4 medals in the final product for H2A. they were sooo unrewarding. Hopefully they are similar to Halo 2's medals or the exact same. This shouldn't have to be a question cause I know not 1 person would agree with leaving these current shitty medals.
  3. Team: Fosgate GT: aDrunkWhiteGurl GT: EpilepticWolf69
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