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  1. Well then. Time to dust off my Halo 4 and get in some practice. Really dislike the settings, but money is money.
  2. Lol my bad, should have been more specific. I was talking more in terms of "coolness" and functionality, not power. Totally agree that a player without a mech should have a good chance to take one down.
  3. Visible 1-50 No randomness in precision weapons Halo 2 like strafe No sprint Descope At least 6 "out of the box" arena style maps
  4. The mantis looks so insignificant after watching that Titan Fall gameplay.
  5. I picked the wrong day to start working Where can I watch the rebroadcast?
  6. Starfox 64. Part of my childhood right there. God I wish I still had my Nintendo.
  7. I hope Cratos walked into that pulse nade on purpose.
  8. The most powerful weapon in Halo's history in my opinion. It needs an unscoped aim assist reduction. Requires a TU, can't be changed with the backend tuning.
  9. I appreciate the update, but no. They went from NBNS Reach to Halo 4. They'll have my trust if Halo 5 is a good Halo game at launch. Things are going in the right direction though.
  10. Followed your stream. Looking forward to it.
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