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  1. Just moved from Grand Rapids, MI to Youngsville, NC (Raleigh-Durham). GT: Dsk DarkFenix Competed in various tournies 2005-2008 (H2-H3), Competed MLG Columbus 2012(Reach), Iron Gaming Columbus 2014(H2A), Gamers For Giving 2015(H2A). Looking to compete H5.
  2. Probably was part of the spectator mode view.
  3. @@Deez do the tier 3 weapons have to have the announcer when its spawning? Kind of takes the skill out of timing weapons. Plus all the talking is overwhelming mixed with the new constant sound effects of shooting,killing, reloading, etc.
  4. Your Team Name: Elusive Winner: Elusive Round Number: 3 Score: 2 - 0
  5. Your Team Name: Elusive Winner: Elusive Round Number: 2 Score: 2-0
  6. I was on my 4.7" phone screen and it was still cool to have the 4 POV's. Time and Score were a little hard to see, but not that bad.
  7. I have a pass for GFG and only have a To2. Looking for two more players. GT:dsk darkfenix Twitter: mlg_darkfenix
  8. Can you move while checking the score (holding back)? Halo 4 you couldn't walk and do that. Super annoying.
  9. Zealot? Skyline is good for a Halo 4 map. Wouldn't think they'd be that high up there. Surprised not to see Backwash.
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