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  1. Does anybody have a link for the team list? I have the bracket, but I'm not 100% sure of every team's lineup. Thanks.
  2. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/15289-gamers-for-giving-charity-tournament/?do=findComment&comment=932222
  3. Just made a thread with all the info on the Gamers For Giving Tournament http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/15289-gamers-for-giving-charity-tournament/ Randa, Cloud, Contra, and Druk are the favorites to win.
  4. Already $250k raised!! Main Stream: Twitch.tv/GamersOutreach Halo Stream: Twitch.tv/GoldenboyFTW Bracket: http://gfg.challonge.com/Halo2017 Teams and Rosters: #NotMyHalo: iregption Goose Historics Kmad Virtual Storm: common paradise climax slinky Violence: holic covent bittersweet EdventureTime last life white: inclined xenif takes d shredz lion cornbread last life black: swell revo lost wolf sieges templar pro: unviolent friendly primely paranoia the dream: wizerd tde ice snowy hille demon almighty kingdom: levy tucker jax nebula chicken tendies: top ducky kaiss musa waahead goats r us: condor clutchy lfg hamster tademark gpo: slide icy swings tots decoys: nicely done ricky scherer natt team sinister: crazymiller huntum ranger vundi violent by design: creepingtom vidas snowman cached team randa: Daddy contra cloud druk Hype And Positivity: Bunnies Insane One Clearly Omnipresent Determined: IDean Sudice Yoshi MickByrd Settings: They are using the new proving grounds radar with the same maps/gametypes from this past season. For more info about the event and how to donate: http://gamersforgiving.org/
  5. Probably feels like 1:16 AM. But really the fatigue must be getting to them. It'll be interesting to see how well they play tomorrow after this long night of gaming.
  6. >"I have a smurf" >Looks up maintag >??????????????? I have seen many of times people ITT complaining about how their rank would be better if they didn't constantly match to4s. Yes I play with to4s on my maintag because I am running games with people. If I'm going to solo search I use my smurf account "Solo2Champ". I'm here to provide my opinion not stroke my ego. Sorry you feel so offended.
  7. I have a smurf that I'm solo grinding my way to Champ on because I'm tired of people thinking they should be ranked higher. Sure to4s in MM needs to be fixed to match to4s, but I firmly believe that you'll end up where you're supposed to. Don't fool yourself.
  8. Eco is too good man. Made LG a top 4 team then made Str8 a top 4 team. Hope he keeps getting better and better.
  9. Rammy subbed in as always. He did fairly well. EDIT: belucheez beat me to it
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