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  1. lol, clearly you are unaware of all the casual maps the game shipped with.
  2. It's lame and just another cop out, maybe we are so used to the mediocrity of 343 that you guys think this is good, but this is complete trash. FAIR compensation would be 3 months of live, and two good remastered maps that the competitive community can play.
  3. I'm not saying the game itself is dumb, I'm saying it is completely irrelevant to give us as compensation.
  4. How are you guys okay with this compensation? 1 Month of xbox live SHOULD be given to us, since they stole over a month from us anyway. Nameplates.Avatars? That is hilarious that people would actually want that. ODST is dumb. New map is not even competitive and that's the issue with this game right now, we don't have esports maps..
  5. but why do people get early access to a beta when h2a still doesn't work?
  6. I'm nasty at this game and I need a good team, I want to play in every HCS event on weekends and travel, I have already missed 3 HCS tourneys because of non dedicated teammates and I am tired of it. Add: Mossity if you want to run.
  7. I agree to an extent, at a recent COD event my friends team literally lost a match because the crowd and announcers freaked out during a ninja defuse and it caused the other team to check the bomb with about .1 seconds on the defuse. Only reason I don't want booths is because aesthetically I think they look stupid, and I also loved hearing players go back and forth with (mature) trash talk. None of that AGL stuff. Booths really eliminate all trash talk because teams wont even know what is being said.
  8. The sudds arguing during the listen in was the best thing ever.. not even making fun of the sudds, I honestly love them, but if you were watching the stream when one of the sudds said "I'm gunna get a drink this is boring." I know you laughed out loud. Context: It was a standoff on lockdown and nothing was happening. A sudd got thirtsy, put his controller down, the other sudd yelled at him for putting his controller down, the opposing teams coach saw he wasnt playing and called it out to his team, thus ending the stand still.
  9. Bloom and Sprint in Reach yes, Sprint in 4 yes. Obviously the games had other negative factors, but so did halo 3 and I still had a good time on that, bloom and sprint RUINED halo for me.
  10. Regardless if halo 5 is good or not, halo 6 will be a thing, and probably halo 7. The game can be around for a while, it may not be as fun from a competitive stand point, but the title will be around for quite some time.
  11. We need more maps guys... and at this point I don't care if they are: Forge Remakes DLC Remakes DLC Originals Forge Originals The MCC, specifically Halo 2 A PLAYS very smooth, the problem is it just gets super dry, I can only play the same map pool for so long without wanting to pull my hair out, which I have started to do, I truly believe that adding just 2-3 more maps will really make the game more interesting and enjoyable. I just want to know if we have received any word when 343 plans to incorporate forged maps into the HCS, or better yet, if anyone has actually forged anything good that has been tested! I'm not knocking our awesome forge community, I simply just have not seen or ran games on any forged maps yet.
  12. Are they resetting the xb1s and Game Clients after every game? 10 minutes between a game is insane lol.
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